Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Anorectal Ulceration - From Flesh To Liquid Mess CD-r (2015) India

                          Hey there, been a little while !
                          Been sweatin' away the summer here in L.A., keep forgetting
                          I have a blog, so time to get posting ! :)
                          Blogs have been pretty dead lately, seems they are slowing down
                          and some coming to a halt. The era of the killer hardcore blogs is
                          really starting to disappear, so I need to get my act together, and
                          keep this blog alive !!!!!
                          Really folks, this can't be it, lets keep this scene going !!!!!
                          I'll try to set a good example, which i've failed to do in the past,
                          and try to post on a regular basis.
                          Best example of a great blog would be http://terminalescape.blogspot.com/
                          I must admit, as busy as Robert is, dude is dedicated !!!!!
                          Running 2 blogs. many bands and more...
                          He definitely sets the bar for dedication !!!!!
                          Ok, enough talk, lets get the ball rolling again !
                          My friend GrindFreakMike from Milwaukee sent me this crazy band
                          which started to grow on me after listening to a few tunes.
                          I'm not usually a big grind guy, but lately that has started to
                          Oh no, oldschoolmike is evolving, watch out ! hahaha
                          Anyway, this cacophony of a band comes from the depths of
                          India, and they are hip to what is going on in the grind world,
                          which is awesome !
                          Definitely cool and brutal stuff, I highly recommend !!!!!

                         01 Snuff Film With The Zombies
                         02 Arterial Damage By Injecting Fermented Urine
                         03 Spilling Of Melting Flesh From A Decimated Face
                         04 Re Animating Her Disfigured Face With My Excrements
                         05 Liquid Mass Of Masticated Brains
                         06 Groin Disgorgement And Abdominal Excoriation
                         07 Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Successive Blowjob
                         08 Spew Assault And Deep Penetrations On Open Wounds
                         09 Fungal Display On A Bloated Cavity