Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warboy - Futile Living cassette (1983) Portland, Oregon

                           This killer rare tape I got from Vinyl Fetish Records in Hollywood
way back in 83'. This band, who only released this one recording,
hailed from Portland. Featuring members of Lockjaw
and Sado Nation, Warboy was a definite classic powerhouse band
to remember, and add to your collection. My nephew, Mr. Cheesemanboat
and I ripped this gem, as well as the Stetz - Demo, and various old
Maximum Rock n' Roll radio tapes. On the inner cover, it says
it was recorded in South Africa, which was just to be humorous :)
Mike from Stress Domain Records, was able to get permission from one
of the dudes in the band a few years back, to add Warboy to his Sick of Fun
Compilation, which I provided the track for. Warboy was an awesome
and ripping band, unfortunately they never recorded again, but this one
will live on through the ages !!!!!

                                                            01 Law Enforcer
02 Better Beware
03 Blood of 1000's
04 Authority Wins Again
05 So You're An Anarchist
06 Look At You
07 I'm Bored
08 I'll Do Anything
09 Land of The Free
10 After The War
11 Cross of Bigotry

Re-uped 7-13-2017



  1. mike
    would it be possible to re-up the war boy demo.would love a copy of that bad boy.bothe media fire and zippyshare are dead

    all the best


    1. Sorry, took me a bit, didn't see this request right away.
      It's re-uped.

  2. Any chance you could re-scan the lyric sheet at a high resolution? I'm working with a label on a reissue of this cassette as a 7". I've remastered the recording and we're just down to working on a layout now. My copy doesn't have that lyric sheet, and no one in the band has it anymore either. I'd grab what you already have up, but the bottom half appears a bit blurry. Any help is greatly appreciated!