Thursday, January 28, 2016

Harhaa (Zach from Kremlin, 1 man band) Toronto, Canada

                  I originally posted Demo 2 back on July 24th 2012, which I made
                  a small mistake in editing.
                  None the less, here are both Demos with correct edits. Both Demos
                  were slightly difficult to track down, just recently found the first Demo
                  a few weeks ago.
                  Here is part of the post I wrote in 2012:
                 ''This Demo comes out of Toronto Canada, 1 man Scandanavian
                   onslaught ! This is a 1 man project by Zach from Kremlin. A friend 
                   of mine told me about this project after he read the latest Max R n' R.
                   I found a recording of this on an Equalizing Distortion set from late June.''

                  So here are both Demos, first one titled Future Disorder. Both came out on
                  cassette, but in very limited run. You are a lucky bastard if you own the actual
                  tapes ! :)

                                                     Future Disorder Cassette

                                                                01 Instrumental
                                                                02 Taste For Death
                                                                03 Past offense
                                                                04 Aimless Fight

Demo 2 Cassette 

    01 Delusion
                         02 Exploit To The Fullest
                                                                   03 Test
                                                                   04 Forced Insulation
                                                                   05 -


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