Sunday, October 15, 2017

D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Vats Demos (1984)

                             This is one of the best D.R.I. recordings of all time in my opinion !
                             Recorded in 83' at The Vats (old Hamm's Brewery in San Francisco),
                             and officially put out in 84', although i've never heard any more of
                             this Demo than the 2 songs on the The Dirty Rotten/Violent
                             Pacification extended CD.
                             One of the best bands I ever saw Live !!!!!
                             On their 83' Tour I saw em' at the Cathay De Grande with Ill Repute,
                             and a young Stalag 13 fresh on the scene.
                             By far the fastest bands I had seen to date, although i'd been going
                             to hardcore shows since 80'.
                             D.R.I. blew me away ! Played like 40 songs in 30 minutes or something,
                             barely even took breaks between songs.
                             Drummer was in nothing but a speedo, and dude was sweating bullets ! :)
                             Ill Repute was pretty lightning fast for the time also, but not as fast as
                             Stalag 13 (who I believe opened the show) were excellent, but not nearly
                             as fast as the other bands :)
                             Anyway, D.R.I. holds a big place in my heart, always one of my favorites !
                             Sound on these recordings are really decent !
                             Going to see D.R.I. on November 11th in L.A., with Excel and some other
                             great bands !
                             Saw them with Excel at The Palace in Hollywood back in 89', think I
                             still feel the bruises from that night at times :)
                             Was drunk as fuck, going against the grain in a huge slam of over 100
                             We used to call that suicide slamming back in the day :)
                             Was so drunk didn't feel it that night, but for the next 3 weeks was
                             dealing with bruises and pain all over my body.
                             Was fearless back then in the pit, but I paid for it ! :)
                             Ok, sorry for the long winded post, just wanted to share this gem I found
                             on You Tube with anyone and everyone that loves D.R.I. !

                             01 How To Act
                             02 Couch Slouch
                             03 Running Around
                             04 Give My Taxes Back
                             05 Equal People
                             06 On My Way Home
                             07 Bail Out
                             08 Slit My Wrist
                             09 Stupid, Stupid War
                             10 Counter Attack
                             11 I'd Rather Be Sleeping
                             12 Madman
                             13 No People
                             14 Yes Ma'am


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