Monday, April 16, 2018

Headless Death - A Hideous Warning CD (2017) Australia

                            Headless Death, Australian for grind mate !
                            Latest release from this 4 piece unit from Melbourne.
                            They have definitely progressed over the years towards the
                            grind side, this one is a shredder !!!!!
                            They recently came to L.A., and unfortunately I missed em' !
                            Could kick myself for that !
                            Last song is a huge bonus, a cover from the 80's from one of my
                            favorites back then !

                            01 Diminishing Returns
                            02 Underground Existence
                            03 Pignorant
                            04 An Idiot's Warning
                            05 Melbourne's Burning
                            06 Radiation
                            07 Theme From Digging Your Own Grave
                            08 Short Life (Only Debt Is Real)
                            09 Fiend For Garbage
                            10 Horrible Stench Of Tomb
                            11 Blood Of Wank
                            12 Private School Mullet
                            13 Waking Up In The Furnace
                            14 Fuse
                            15 Lifetime Blackout
                            16 Not A Worthy Death
                            17 Title Lost
                            18 Jobs
                            19 Junkyard Pig
                            20 Singularity
                            21 Raise The Curtain (Jerry's Kids)


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