Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stillborn Christians - Demo (1983) North Carolina

                                           Originally posted August 11, 2011

Awesome band, and very rare Demo ! Honestly I don't remember where I found this one, most people who know about this band might remember them from the Why Are We Here compilation on No Core.
I was able to come up with most of the track titles, but can't find a couple. These guys remind me kind of a cross between Rebel Truth and The Minutemen, hardcore but with some progressive funk/punk as well, damn good stuff !
This is the only picture of them I could find, can't find Demo cover.

                                           01 New Right
                                           02 Untitled
                                           03 Communist Call
                                           04 Farce
                                           05 Dogs
                                           06 Money - 07 Kill
                                           08 Untitled
                                           09 Agression

                                          Reposted Link 9/3/2016

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