Thursday, May 14, 2015

Concussive/Bathtub Barracuda - split cassette (2015) Bay Area, California

                        These newer bands hail from East Bay area in northern California.
                        Concussive is straight & to the point powerviolence, damn impressive
                        new band !!!!!
                        Pure west coast pv sound that rivals some of the best !
                        Bathtub Barracuda is more on the grind side, very fun stuff ! :)
                        As i'm more in the powerviolent arena, Concussive would definitely
                        be more my cup of tea ! :)
                        But both bands are great for sure !
                        You will hear alot of what i'm posting now this Saturday on my
                        radio show, Broken Sound Barrier.
                        Tune in from 6-8pm west coast time, east coast 9-11pm, and
                        worldwide adjust for your time zone.
                        I'll be posting the Concussive - Demo real soon, so keep an eye
                        out for that, the Demo is insanely good !!!!!

                        01 Concussive - Aimless
                        02 Concussive - Beat
                        03 Concussive - Hidden Lines
                        04 Concussive - Meticulous
                        05 Concussive -  Priviledged
                        06 Concussive - Hit The Breaks
                        07 Concussive - Sated
                        08 Bathtub Barracuda - Trematode Infestation
                        09 Bathtub Barracuda - These are Da' Feels of A'thousand Electric Eels
                        10 Bathtub Barracuda - Manic Mantis Shrimp
                        11 Bathtub Barracuda - Any Port in a Storm
                        12 Bathtub Barracuda - Cutthroat Cuttlefish
                        13 Bathtub Barracuda - Coral Inscribed by Slaves ...


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