Thursday, May 14, 2015

Public Assault - No Way Out 7'' (2015) Indiana

                               Theses dudes are from northwest Indiana, with members of
                               Menanites, and Zap.
                               Recorded by the infamous Mark Winters, who has been in
                               many many bands in the past and present including Guinea Kid
                               The Coneheads, Pukeoid, Ooze and The Outs to name a few.
                               Public Assault just freakin' rule, no doubt about it !
                               With an 80's sound comparable to such scenes as D.C., Boston,
                               and Michigan, these guys could easily have fit into the early
                               days of Hardcore !
                               Big thanks to Offside Alex for posting this 7'' on You Tube !!!!!
                               One of the best bands in my opinion doing 80's style HC !!!!!
                               Still looking for their Demo CD-r from 2011, hopefully i'll
                               come across that one soon !

                               01 No Way Out
                               02 Change
                               03 Worsen
                               04 Preacher
                               05 Way Of The World


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