Sunday, April 2, 2017

Broken Sound Barrier #6 April 2, 2017 (New Show)

                            Last show was January 15th, been a while, my apologies !
                            New shows are coming back !
                            Hope all is well, and thanks for the support !




  1. Hey Mike! Thank you for keeping the station alive, again! I miss doing my show, so much... Still waiting for electricity where i live now. And for my computer. I hope i can do it really soon!! Missed alot of new stuff.

    1. Hey, great to hear from you ! :) I tried to keep up INFESTATION, but it hasn't been working the last 45 days or so. I played old and new shows the last few months, but is not working now, don't know how to fix it. Lizard been asking me to come back, so I finally agreed to start back at COD next Friday. I will still do Infest, but it needs to be fixed, can't get the radio station to work anymore. How are you ? I'll try your old e-mail, see if that still works. Hope all is well my friend, I miss you alot ! Lizard misses you too ! :) He wants you to come back also :) Let me know how you are doing. Peace, Mike

    2. Great to hear from you too! Weird, i'll try to fix it when i can. I'm ok, got a new house but there's a lot of stuff to do inside, like electricity :) My computer still in repair. Can't stay longer without doing show and sharing on DAATP. Glad you will still di Infest. I'll check what's wrong soon as possible! Later my friend!