Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rajoitus - Discography Cassette (Sweden)

                               This one is a rarity, this is not the Discography CD, it's the cassette
                               that is extraordinarily hard to find ! Fortunately, there is a cool blog
                               that started posting lots of rare old releases. The blog posts mostly
                               in 1 track rips, so maybe I will start working with this blog to put
                               things in their correct perspective.
                               Much praise and appreciation to anal-tapes-crust blog, I think we will
                               be formimg a new friendship !
                               So, this one took a bit to edit to tracks, and there is some false info
                               on the tracklist from the tape, but i've corrected the incorrect info
                               while editing. Only missing a couple track titles, but working on
                               figuring out those untitled songs.
                               Anyway, here is an awesome gem, so grab it, and kick up the
                               volume, cause this tape freakin rips !!!!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rajoitus - Historia Kusessa 7'' (1996) Sweden

Here is one of their earlier ep's, ripped straight from the vinyl.
If you've never heard these guys, read the last post, and
download both 7''s, you will not be disappointed !!!!!

01 Historia Kusessa
02 Seuraava On Edellinen
03 Vihan Lento
04 Maa Maannyt Planeetta
05 Veriset Paivat, Tuliset Yot
06 Kun Elava Kuolee
07 Kuka Uskoo
08 Veljet Katsoo Toisiaan

Rajoitus - Nyt On Kuolema Taalla 7'' (1998) Sweden

                             The next 2 posts are of one of my favorite bands, Rajoitus !
                             Swedish guys that play Finnish hardcore extremely well, and sing in
                             Finnish also ! These guys are diehard worshipers of the early
                             Finland bands and sound, but they take it to another level by
                             mixing in fastcore to the mayhem. I found this one, and one of their
                             earlier ep's on the internet as 1 track, ripped directly from the 7''s,
                             not from the Discography. Just absolutely epic hardcore ! I love
                             this band, one of the greatest !!!!!

                             01 Nyt On Kuolema Taalla
                             02 Taa Sairas Systeemi
                             03 Ei Oikeutta, Ei Armoa
                             04 Viinapullo Ainoo Lohtu
                             05 Meita Vaan Petetaan
                             06 Yrittakaa Ymmartaa
                             07 Ala Antaudu
                             08 Elama... Orjuutta
                             09 Jumalat Tappaa
                             10 Keraan Kuolema
                             11 Horror Vacui
                             12 Untitled

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Emenkaya - Self Titled lp (2013) Denmark

                            Here's another one my friend from Denmark sent me, Emenkaya.
                            I'd actually never heard of these guys until a few weeks ago, but
                            i'm definitely impressed with their style of HC/Punk ! From what
                            i've read, this band contains members of Cola Freaks, who are
                            more on the Punk side than this newer band. Emenkaya have a
                            unique sound, hardcore mixed with more modern elements.
                            Nothing like tough guy style, but more alternative mixed with HC,
                            but definitely not poppy either, has an aggressive edge to it. These
                            guys are definitely a breath of fresh air to the hardcore world, they
                            have their own style, which sets them apart from the mainstream !

                                  01 Vanskabt
                                  02 Ind I Et Rum & Skinnerne Synger
                                  03 Ulvene Kommer
                                  04 Spedalsk
                                  05 Sammenhold
                                  06 Menneske Frygt Dig
                                  07 Tabt
                                  08 Selvvalgt Terapi
                                  09 Broderskab
                                  10 Udviklingen Taler Imod Dig


Death Token - They Worship Us 2xlp (2013) Denmark

Death Token are definitely on the top of my list when it
comes to hardcore from Denmark ! This double lp was 
ripped from vinyl from my friend in Denmark. It's a
collection of 10 years worth of released and unreleased 
material, so I suppose you could call this a Discography :)
Anyhow, these guys are seriously gifted in fast chaotic HC,
which I love of course ! I put up their last lp on here a couple 
years back, one of my favorite releases by them, All Dreams
Are Nightmares. So strap on your crash helmet, and thrash
your ass off !!!!!

P.S. - I'm in the process of repairing all links on this blog,
so be patient, i'll have it up to 100% soon ! Peace to all !!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

V.A. - Play Fast or Don't 12'' (2008) Czech Republic

                                This rager comes out of the Czech Republic, which is awesome,
                                cause the the Czech's take their grind & powerviolence seriously !
                                Brutally good musicians when it comes to the fast & technical stuff !
                                Anyway, alot of great bands are on this comp !!!!!
                                I've definitely grown over the years by expanding my horizon and
                                getting to know foreign bands from all over the planet. As I have
                                made my own comps, i've gotten more into the international scene,
                                as well as listening to our own great bands in the U.S. I have pretty
                                much always been into the international scene, thanks to Maximum
                                Rock n' Roll, which i've been reading and listening to since 1981.
                                I have great respect for the world scene ! I consider all people in
                                the hardcore scene to be my Brother's & Sister's, except those who
                                embrace racism, sexism, and/or other negative stances.
                                Ok, enough with the sentiments, haha, lets get down to some killer
                                atomic sounds !!!!!
                                Also want to give a shout out to Sheeva Yoga, drummer has been
                                a friend of mine for many years, great dude ! He was also is some
                                other great projects such as Disney, Coconut Bulldozer (who was
                                actually fronted by the singer of Canada's Mexican Power Authority,
                                long story.......:), Prugelnabe, and many more bands. Last time I
                                talked to him he was in 6 bands, haha, so he definitely gets around ! :)
                                So here we go, for your listening pleasure ! Enjoy !!!!!

                                01 Lahar - Prazdne Oci
                                02 Lahar - Skladanka
                                03 Lahar - Deciever (Napalm Death)
                                04 Saywhy - Chranit A Pomahat
                                05 Saywhy - Nezvany Host
                                06 Sheeva Yoga - Navnada
                                07 Sheeva Yoga - Boj Za Cistou Mysl Chemickymi Zbranemi
                                08 Sheeva Yoga - Vokuhila
                                09 Needful Things - Narrator
                                10 Needful Things - One Day Hero
                                11 Prumyslova Smrt - Vsichni Jedne Krve
                                12 Prumyslova Smrt - Znameni Smrti
                                13 Prumyslova Smrt - Amerika Fuck
                                14 Prumyslova Smrt - Pripravte Se
                                15 Hibakusha - Pozledni Az
                                16 Hibakusha - Bez Milosti
                                17 Gride - O Nicem
                                18 Gride - Instinct of Survival (Napalm Death)
                                19 Kobrall - 1
                                20 Kobrall - 2
                                21 Lycanthrophy - Greasy Machinery
                                22 Lycanthrophy - The Mask of Arrogance
                                23 Rabies - Proc
                                24 Rabies - Neni To Hra
                                25 Rabies - Zijes Jenom Jednou
                                26 Rabies - Zmena
                                27 Rabies - Dropdead cover
                                28 Scarto - Rychle A Rychleji
                                29 Scarto - Brno Mesto Pozeru
                                30 Scarto - Fabrika
                                31 Grex - Form With No Substantiality
                                32 Grex - Dead Planet
                                33 Grex - Propagation
                                34 Depresy Mouse - Navzdy Spoutan
                                35 Depresy Mouse - Vykupne
                                36 Depresy Mouse - Legionar


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

V.A. - By Any Means cassette compilation (2013) Thrillhouse Records

                             Ok, i'm back ! Gonna be using Zippyshare now, as Mediafire
                             are imbeciles !!!!!
                             Anyhow, here is a comp my friend from the UK sent me as 2 tracks,
                             Side A & Side B. New comp from the Bay Area in California, with
                             alternative & hardcore bands. I don't usually listen to alternative type
                             stuff, but lately i've had a more open mind to the mellower non-hardcore
                             bands. Some of you might be saying, blasphemy, oldschoolmike
                             listening to something other than hardcore, no way ! :)
                             Haha, anyway, here is the comp, I hope all enjoy !!!!!

                             01 Neon Piss - Burn
                             02 Sourpatch - Say That I'm Not Over
                             03 Synthetic ID - Rewiring
                             04 Street Eaters - Dead Parts
                             05 Comadre - Cold Rain
                             06 No Statik - Male Gaze
                             07 Apogee Sound Club - Defiance
                             08 Index - I Tried To Deal
                             09 True Mutants - Morning
                             10 Hunting Party - Pleasure Island
                             11 Violent Change - Kill Your Mother
                             12 Permanent Ruin - Legacy
                             13 Permanent Ruin - Vendido
                             14 C'est Dommage - The Transitory Nature of Modern Employment
                             15 Cold Circuits - Remote User
                             16 Saint Lorena - Filth Queen
                             17 Daikon - Carry Me Home
                             18 Replica - Strings
                             19 Endemics - Sutures
                             20 The New Flesh - Kneel and Pray
                             21 Huff Stuff Magazine - Yesterday's News
                             22 Nasty Christmas - Broken Roads