Saturday, April 23, 2016


Final Show April 23rd 6pm-12am  (Los Angeles Time)
 The end is finally here !
Sorry to see it happen, but I guess
such is life, time to move on.
I'll be looking into another form
of radio to continue doing shows,
but for now i'm taking a break.
Thank you all for tuning in over the 
the last couple of years ! I am
very gratetful to have had a platform
to play music, voice my opinions,
and be free to be myself !
Special thanks to Lizardmessiah,
Goatserpent & Bacteria, you are
true friends and family, and I love you 
guys !!!!!

Thank you all !!!!!
Not the last you'll hear of me, i'll
come back soon, just need a 
little time to reflect and regroup.

All my best wishes and regards to all !

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Core Of Destruction Rado & Broken Sound Barrier are coming to an end ! 3 more shows until it's all over ! Hope You Tune In !

                      Final shows: April 9th 6-8pm (Los Angeles Time)
                                            April 16th 6-8pm (Los Angeles Time)
                                            April 23rd 6-9pm  (Los Angeles Time)


                                            All shows will most likely be extended time, so 2
                                            hours might turn into longer shows as long as no DJ's
                                            are after me.

                                            Thank you all for your support over the last 2 +
                                            years !!!!

                                            Peace & Love,


Friday, April 1, 2016

The Flex - Flexual Healing VI: Live From The Paincave Cassette (2016) UK

                        Alrighty then, last post of the night !
                        I think i've edited every one of the Flexual Healing releases on
                        here over the last few years, and they just seem to get better all
                        the time !
                        I think Tom from Violent Reaction said they would be coming
                        back to the West Coast pretty soon ! I damn well hope so, missed
                        em' last time they were in town.
                        Freakin' love these guys, can't get enough of their abusive rage ! :)
                        I found this on a blog that just keeps giving:
                        One of the better blogs in the last few years, love these dudes !
                        Just had to edit this one like all the others.
                        Wasn't happy with the edit on Flex Bandcamp, some of the songs
                        seemed to be cut in the wrong places. At least to my ears, but i'm picky
                        about edit jobs, just my nature after doing this for a long time.
                        Anyway, hahaha, my ears are sensitive to these things :)
                        I think I did justice to this recording, cause it destroys !!!!!

                        01 Intro - We Don't Need You
                        02 Like You
                        03 Life Balance
                        04 The Flex - Virtual Reality
                        05 Waste My Time
                        06 Back For More
                        07 Just Can't Hate Enough
                        08 The Herd


Rabies + Stand Up, Speak Up! - Split 12'' (2012) Czech Republic

                          Hell yes, gotta love the Czech's, they know how to grind and
                          power the violence like like no others !
                          Have loved Rabies for years, but just stumbled on to S.U.S.U.!
                          Both bands are epic on this split !
                          Now i'm on a hunt to find more S.U.S.U.!
                          Fantastic high octane in your face Grindviolence, you will love
                          this one !
                          I command you to love it ! Hahahaha
                          Wait, I need to sound more convincing, like The Devil, Muhahahaha :)
                          But seriously, this thing kills !!!!!

                          01 Rabies - Povolení zabíjet
                          02 Rabies - Karneval
                          03 Rabies - Had
                          04 Rabies - Agónie - Skandál
                          05 Rabies - Období klidu
                          06 Rabies - Válečník
                          07 Rabies - Bez naděje na naději
                          08 Rabies - Žijeme pouze pro úspěch
                          09 Rabies - Mrchožrouti
                          10 Rabies - Poznej sám sebe
                          11 Rabies - Hradba z iluzí
                          12 Rabies - Stíny
                          13 Rabies - Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing (Discharge)
                          14 Rabies - Slepota
                          15 Rabies - Osamělost a odcizení
                          16 Stand Up, Speak Up! - Ironie 90
                          17 Stand Up, Speak Up! - M.D.K. 187
                          18 Stand Up, Speak Up! - Tam Kdesi V Dáli
                          19 Stand Up, Speak Up! - Prdelí Nářky
                          20 Stand Up, Speak Up! - Apatie
                          21 Stand Up, Speak Up! - March Of Callou(t)sec
                          22 Stand Up, Speak Up! - Pravda A Láska- Aneb Nic Nám Není Svatý!


Slag - Demo Tape (1985) Coral Springs, Florida

                           Never heard of these guys until a couple days ago, blew me
                           away when I first heard it !
                           My friend Dan from Jersey sent me this link. He used to live in
                           Florida, and has recently introduced me to some great bands I
                           never knew about, including the last post, Mode Of Ignorance.
                           This demo rules ! Reminds me of Sin 34 & Sado-Nation.
                           Demo is definitely a rough recording, but thank god for You Tube !
                           I keep finding rare old things uploaded by people who care enough
                           to rip these gems !
                           Ripping good old 80's female fronted hardcore !

                           01 Leading The Blind
                           02 Hard To Think
                           03 Fade Away
                           04 Get A Gun   
                           05 Play Play
                           06 I Don't Care