Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Soma Coma - Dust LP (2015) Australia

                   For those of you who don't know of  Soma Coma, they're a hardcore 
                   band from Melbourne, Australia who play unhinged hardcore along 
                   the lines of fast weirdo 80s bands such as Die Kreuzen or Born Without 
                   A Face with more of a scuzzy Australian vibe. This rehearsal tape 
                   precedes the band's demo by two years and showcases a much more 
                   raw, ferocious incarnation of the band in delicious, lo-fi form.
                   Soma Coma are easily one of my favourite current hardcore bands 

                   in Australia at the moment, and well worth your time. Check em out.
                   I start this post off with the review above to give you a perspective on the
                   band. Review from Fucked By Noise blog.
                   Now i'll give you my perspective.
                   I met a dude way back in 2007 or so on Soulseek music program, he
                   downloaded something from me, and we starting talking on the message
                   board. He said his name was James, he's from Tuross Head Australia, and
                   he had a band called Eat A Brick.
                   At the time, the first thing I asked was "where is Tuross Head ?" :) I can't
                   remember what his reply was, but as I look at a map now I see that it is
                   in between Sydney and Melbourne along the coast, in New South Wales.
                   Next question I asked was "does Eat A Brick have a Demo", and I think
                   they were in the process of finishing it at the time, but he sent me the
                   MP3's relatively soon after.
                   When I heard Eat A Brick, I was blown away, loved that band !!!!!
                   Then there was a gap of time where Eat A Brick was pretty much done,
                   and James wasn't totally sure where life would take him.
                   I lost contact with him for a while, then one day he messaged me again
                   on Soulseek. He said he had moved to Melbourne area and has a new
                   band called Soma Coma.
                   Can't remember who he said is in Soma Coma besides himself, but I
                   think it's guys that were in other bands prior to Soma Coma. Need
                   to ask him again, haven't talked to him for a while now.
                   Anyway, when I first heard Soma Coma I was hooked similarly to
                   when I first heard Eat A Brick.
                   Although slightly different sounding, Soma Coma brings forth a much
                   more raw and a bit noisier approach.
                   They recently released the Dust LP, which I find to be more progressed
                   then the early Soma Coma recordings.
                   This LP is freakin' fantastic !!!!! They still have that raw corrosive sound
                   I love, and they have grown into their skin more as a band.
                   One of the better releases of 2015 !!!!!
                   Soma Coma is currently one of the best bands in Australia in my opinion,
                   although there are tons of great bands all over the beautiful continent !
                   All Hail to James and the Soma Coma crew, love those guys !!!!!

                   01 Famine Rash
                   02 Never Again
                   03 Gimme Soma
                   04 Ayak Akaï
                   05 Imperial Dick
                   06 Area Boys
                   07 Hardcore Gimp
                   08 Dust


                   P.S - Just want to give a shout out to my buds blog Blunt Sleazy

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

V.A. - Blood Lust 3xCassette Compilation (2014) Blackout Rage

                    Compilation from Denver based label Blackout Rage featuring live 
                    sets from Civilized, Need, Culture Shock, Suburbanite, and Cadaver 
                    Dog. Not the best sound quality but it does every band justice. I like 
                    all the bands on this compilation, every band's set on here is great, 
                    and we even get to hear a new Suburbanite song. The packaging is 
                    well put together and the artwork looks great. What more could you 
                    ask for ? This release does a great job at documenting these bands, 
                    full support for Blackout Rage.
                    As I am too lazy to write today, i'm adding the write up from the blog
                    I found this great compilation on On-The-Board blog.
                    All the bands on this are excellent, and illusive at the same time, cause
                    they rarely release material.
                    Some, if not all these bands have been on Youth Attack Records, and
                    Mark McCoy actually plays guitar in Suburbanite.
                    The recordings are rough, but that's what gives this release the character
                    and raw primal feel that defines great hardcore !
                    Anyway, enough philosophical bullshit, grab this comp !!!!
                    It does not disappoint !!!!! :)

                    Civilized - Live on Infinite Distortion, WFMU Radio 8-7-14
                    01 Civilized - Apparition
                    02 Civilized - Downcast
                    03 Civilized - Transparent - All The Same
                    04 Civilized - Numb
                    05 Civilized - The Hammer
                    06 Civilized - Crossed
                    07 Civilized - Wallflower
                    08 Civilized - Fracture
                    09 Civilized - Die Off
                    10 Civilized - Pedestal
                    Civilized - Live Denver 8-13-14

                    11 Civilized - Apparition
                    12 Civilized - Downcast
                    13 Civilized - Transparent - All The Same
                    14 Civilized - Numb
                    15 Civilized - Hammer
                    16 Civilized - Crossed
                    17 Civilized - Wallflower
                    18 Civilized - Fracture
                    19 Civilized - Die Off
                    20 Civilized - Pedestal

                    Culture Shock - Live Denver 8-13-2014

                    21 Culture Shock - Culture Shock
                    22 Culture Shock - Lone Wolves
                    23 Culture Shock - Dilute
                    24 Culture Shock - Chainbreaker
                    25 Culture Shock - Stark Raving Mad
                    26 Culture Shock - Police Brutality (Urban Waste)
                    27 Culture Shock - Behind The Glass

                    Need - Live Chicago 8-9-2014

                    28 Need - Intro - Feel
                    29 Need - Recluse
                    30 Need - Soft
                    31 Need - Need
                    32 Need - Leadershit
                    33 Need - Scared

                    Suburbanite - Live NYC 8-7-2014

                    34 Suburbanite - Grateful Nation
                    35 Suburbanite - Out Of Line
                    36 Suburbanite - Winter Soldier
                    37 Suburbanite - Ruling Class Rebel
                    38 Suburbanite - Not The Same
                    39 Suburbanite - When They Fucking Turn On You
                    40 Suburbanite - Don't Ask
                    41 Suburbanite - Combat Shock

                    Cadaver Dog - Chicago Rehearsal 8-9-2014 

                    42 Cadaver Dog - Repulsed
                    43 Cadaver Dog - Watch Your Back
                    44 Cadaver Dog - Blindsight
                    45 Cadaver Dog - Blackout Rage
                    46 Cadaver Dog - Filed Down
                    47 Cadaver Dog - Blow Your Brains Out (The Abused)
                    48 Cadaver Dog - Need A Gun (Lockjaw)
                    49 Cadaver Dog - Bloodshot
                    50 Cadaver Dog - Abandoned


Saturday, July 11, 2015

¡LIBERATE! - Complete Discographia (2015) Los Angeles

                             Hell yes, finally gathered all the songs for this one !
                             I did a shorter version of their Discography last year
                             when my friend found it on You Tube.
                             I've had all the songs and Live stuff for years, but never really
                             did anything with it.
                             These guys are one of my favorite fastcore/grindviolence bands
                             in the last 15 years !
                             Just fucking raging fast crazy latino hardcore at it's best !
                             The band contains my good friend Moses from Bastardass,
                             NxBxCx, Fieldtrip!, Mobile Terror Unit, Syntax...
                             Jimmy from Max Ward, Bastardass...
                             and Sergio from ACxDC.
                             ¡LIBERATE! still plays shows, although they haven't released
                             anything in years. In fact they are playing an upcoming show
                             with Argentina's Boom Boom Kid.
                             Ridiculously great great band !!!!!
                             This is the complete discography to my knowledge, but who knows
                             if more will surface as time marches on ? :)
                             Grab this monster and add to your Discography collection !!!!!

                             Amor Y Pasion 7''
                             01 Libérate!
                             02 El Golpe
                             03 Obreros Unidos
                             04 Dame Mis Derechos O Te Dare La Muerte
                             05 Hispano No!
                             06 Esta Escena
                             07 Traidor
                             08 Amigo Imaginario
                             09 No Vales La Pena
                             10 Me Vas A Tener Que Matar
                             11 Escuela O Guerra
                             12 San Salvador Atenco
                             Libérate!/Intifada - Split 7''
                             13 Espana 36
                             14 Venganza
                             15 Muy Macho
                             16 Hasta Que Me Aguante El Cuerpo
                             17 Llora La Tierra
                             18 Fraticida
                             19 Trabajar Para Vivir
                             20 El Proceso
                             21 Viejos Patéticos
                             22 Todos Somos Cómplices
                             23 El Amor Entre Hombres
                             24 Gringo Ilegal
                             25 El Sueno Se Convirtio En Pesadilla
                             26 Me Lo Paso Por El Culo (Los Crudos)
                             27 Quanto Mais Ignora Mais Aparente Fica (Discarga)
                             28 Fantasia (Lifes Halt)
                             Teen Beat Demo Comp
                             29 Escuela O Guerra

                             Demo 08'
                             30 El Golpe

                             First Demo 06'
                             31 Dame Mis Derechos O Te Dare La Muerte
                             32 El Sueno Se Convirtio En Pesadilla
                             33 Espana 36
                             34 Gringo Ilegal
                             35 Llora La Tierra
                             36 Me Lo Paso Por El Culo (Los Crudos)
                             37 Me Va A Tener Que Matar
                             38 Muy Macho
                             39 Traidor
                             40 Venganza

                             Demo 07'
                             41 Obreros Unidos
                             42 Me Vas A Tener Que Matar
                             43 Llora La Tierra
                             44 Hispano No!
                             45 Gringo Illegal
                             46 Espana 36
                             47 Escuela O Guerra
                             48 Dame Mis Derechos O Te Dare La Muerte
                             First Show
                             49 Espana 36
                             50 El Sueno Se Convirtio En Pesadilla
                             51 Muy Macho
                             52 Dame Mis Derechos O Te Dare Muerte
                             53 Venganza
                             54 Llora La Tierra
                             55 Me Lo Paso Por El Culo (Los Crudos)
                             56 Gringo Ilegal

                             Live in San Jose
                             57 Me Lo Paso Por El Culo (Los Crudos)

                             Live on Rocket Boat
                             58 El Golpe
                             59 Gringo Ilegal

                             Live in Pomona
                             60 Amigo Imaginario
                             61 Esta Escena

                             Live @ The Cobalt Cafe
                             62 Amigo Imaginario
                             63 Dame Mis Derechos o Te Dare La Muerte
                             64 No Vales La Pena


Scum Human - Demo (2015) Vancouver

                        Alright, new one from the great Northwest !
                        Powerviolence at it's best !
                        According to a friend of mine from Vancouver, this band has
                        members of Obacha and Six Brew Bantha.
                        That sounds about right, cause this Demo totally shreds !!!!!
                        I'll get more info on these guys as soon as possible.
                        Great new band, i'm sure there will be more to come soon by these
                        rager's of the high country !

                        01 Intro
                        02 Hogtied
                        03 Entitled Attitude
                        04 Forced Suicide
                        05 No Escape
                        06 Sweatshop
                        07 Drown
                        08 Chair Kicker
                        09 Depleted
                        10 Mangle
                        11 Witch Hunt
                        12 This Life


Friday, July 10, 2015

Remasters Series #3 ! Next 5 posts are remastered classics, done by my good friend Pat/Hatefilled from Holland ! Extreme thanks and appreciation to Pat for all the remasters in this series, alot of hard work went into the sound repair !

Positively Negative - Demo (198x) Edited & Remastered (Detroit)

                       Number five, our final and most surprising edit and remaster
                       is from a band my friend Pat (who remasters all the Remasters
                       Series greats) randomly found on Facebook one day.
                       That is what I love about this blog and the internet in general,
                       you find stuff that's been hidden away for decades !
                       This band, who I don't know much about yet, played I believe
                       around the 87-89' years in the Detroit & Michigan hardcore scenes.
                       Again, what I truly love about doing a blog like this one is finding
                       rare gems !
                       This is one of those rare gems that rockets my excitement level into
                       outer space !
                       Ripping old 80's hardcore, that is straight to the point !
                       With that great midwest sound that brings you right back to the
                       early days.
                       These guys are kind of midwest meets early 80's Boston HC
                       sound, I was blown away when I first heard it !!!!!
                       I believe they recorded this Demo in 87', but I need to contact
                       the band for more information.
                       This Demo is just pure gold !!!!!
                       Fantastic rare Detroit hardcore, so damn good !!!!!
                       Highly highly recommended !!!!!

                       01 Nuclear Termination
                       02 Negative Man
                       03 Police Brutality
                       04 Happy Bastards
                       05 Nobody for President
                       06 Omar's Deli
                       07 Robo Pope
                       08 Stand Now or Fall Tomorrow
                       09 Swell Men Wear Plaid
                       10 SC
                       11 Outro


Chest Pain - Demo Tape (2009) Remastered (Texas)

                       #4 in our Remasters Series come from the great state of Texas !
                       Austin powerviolence kings Chest Pain started out back in 2009
                       with this crusher debut !!!!!
                       These guys caught my attention from the start.
                       Brutal and angry abusive powerviolence with explosive fast and
                       slow parts.
                       Extraordinarily awesome demo, freshly remastered, you need
                       this one !!!!!

                       01 Yellow Noose
                       02 False Self
                       03 Murderers
                       04 Shop Til You Drop
                       05 Reverse Baptism
                       06 A Lifetime of Spit and Swearing


Far Cry - Tillsday MCD (1995) Remastered (Washington DC)

                       Third in our Remasters Series is the band Far Cry from the
                       DC area.
                       This band was pre-Battery, adrenalin infused straight edge !
                       The CD is a combination of 2 ep's: Story Of Life 7'' (1990),
                       and Much Time Spent Waiting 7" (1991).
                       My good friend Pat sent this one to me as well as some others
                       a while back, but just getting to putting all of them up now.
                       Had a million things happening, but now I have them all together
                       and ready to share with you all.
                       Remastered by Pat. He did an excellent job on this one as always !!!!!
                       Great early 90's DC straight edge !!!!!

                       01 My Fears
                       02 Story Of Life
                       03 In Telling
                       04 Avoid
                       05 Fade
                       06 Isolate