Friday, November 28, 2014

V.A. - Last White Christmas I cassette (1984) BCT #6 (edited by oldschoolmike)

                                                        Link Replaced 3-14-2017

                            Alright, everyone and their mother's have been waiting for this one !
                              The weird and funny thing is my friend from the UK messaged me 
                              about 9 months ago, and told me about this guy that had proper 
                              rips of the original BCT tapes. So I contacted this guy and
                              downloaded all I could from him, he had alot of the rare BCT 
                              tapes that haven't been floating around.
                              Then I started to attempt to edit them, but was having some personal 
                              issues, so had to sideline the project.
                              That dude essentially disappeared, can't find him anywhere, so i'm 
                              damn glad I downloaded those from him while I had the opportunity !
                              I feel this was meant to be, the powers of the universe and history 
                              are coalescing at this moment in time ! :)
                              hahaha, sounds silly, but I honestly believe that the time is now for 
                              the revamping/remastering of rare 80's hardcore !
                              I recently talked to Chris from BCT by e-mail, told him what I was
                              doing, and asked if it was cool to post these rare classics.
                              Chris is also in the process of remastering the compilation series with 
                              a friend of his.
                              He gave me the go to post my edits, so i'm extraordinarily excited to
                              to get the ball rolling with Last White Christmas I !
                              All 57 tracks from the original tape in this download.
                              Raging Italian hardcore from the early 80's ! 
                              So glad to see this comp finally surface in it's complete form, i'm very 
                              proud of the job I did on this one !
                              This one took me a while to do, and was done with extreme love and 
                              care !
                              No more waiting, here you go !!!!!

                              Side A
                              01 Brontosauri - Capsius Cabanis (Berlino Fuck Off)
                              02 Brontosauri - Brontosauri
                              03 Brontosauri - Opposition
                              04 Raw Power - Power
                              05 Raw Power - For My
                              06 Raw Power - I Hate The...
                              07 Raw Power - Chicken Song
                              08 Raw Power - X
                              09 Raw Power - Army
                              10 Raw Power - No Future
                              11 Raw Power - Politicians
                              12 Raw Power - Raw Power - Fuck Authority
                              13 Raw Power - Hate
                              14 Raw Power - Fabrica
                              15 Raw Power - You Are The Victim
                              16 Raw Power - White Minority (Black Flag)
                              17 Juggernaut - Convact
                              18 Juggernaut - Tomorrow
                              19 Juggernaut - Xoo2
                              20 Juggernaut - Inquisitor
                              21 Juggernaut - Xoo3
                              22 Stato Di Polizia - Odio
                              23 Stato Di Polizia - Mente Sconvolta
                              24 Stato Di Polizia - Uccidi Tuo Fratello
                              25 Stato Di Polizia - Non Dirmi E Non Parlart ll
                              26 Putrid Fever - Draw Of Fear
                              27 Putrid Fever - Motorhead
                              28 Putrid Fever - Anger
                              29 Putrid Fever - Reality
                              30 Putrid Fever - Songs From War
                              31 Putrid Fever - Naked Real Gun
                              Side B
                              32 Putrid Fever - Skaters
                              33 Putrid Fever - Rats
                              34 Dements - I Am Not
                              35 Dements - Point Of View
                              36 Useless Boys - I Don't Need Your Love Anymore
                              37 Useless Boys - Weekend Trip
                              38 Useless Boys - I Need You So
                              39 Useless Boys - Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
                              40 Useless Boys - Barracuda
                              41 War Dogs - The State Of Things
                              42 War Dogs - Fried Brains
                              43 War Dogs - Snakes
                              44 War Dogs - War Dogs
                              45 War Dogs - I Hate The Families
                              46 War Dogs - Red Hot Phones
                              47 War Dogs - MG
                              48 Auschlag - Grazie Patria
                              49 Auschlag - Vittime
                              50 Auschlag - Nessuno
                              51 Auschlag - Woytila Vattene!
                              52 Auschlag - Siamo Stanchi
                              53 Auschlag - In Carcere
                              54 Auschlag - Distruzione Totale
                              55 Auschlag - Ribellati
                              56 Auschlag - A Fuoco


Remasters Series ! Next 6 posts are remastered classics, done by my good friend Pat/Hatefilled from Holland !

Infest - Slave LP (1988) Los Angeles (remastered sound version)

                        Sixth and last in the remasters series, the almighty Infest !!!!!
                        This one comes from 88' SoCal.
                        Don't even have to mention how much of a classic this one is !
                        If you don't know this lp, well then you are just not that hardcore ! :)
                        100% classic, 100% must for all fans of fast hardcore !
                        Extreme thanks and appreciation to Pat/Hatefilled for all the remasters
                        in this series, alot of hard work went into the sound repair !
                        All done by Pat/Hatefilled, with love and dedication to hardcore !
                        Good friend and Brother of mine for many years !
                        No further words necessary, play loud and stage dive off the furniture
                        for this one !!!!!

                        01 Break The Chain
                        02 Pickled
                        03 Sick O
                        04 Plastic
                        05 Mindless
                        06 Which Side
                        07 V.Y.O.
                        08 Where's The Unity
                        09 Screwed
                        10 Machismo
                        11 The Game
                        12 Sick Of Talk
                        13 Iran Scam
                        14 Lifes Halt
                        15 Slave
                        16 Head First
                        17 Sick And Tired
                        18 Fetch The Pliers
                        19 Meaning


Cops And Robbers - Face To Face With Hate 7'' (2000) Boston (remastered sound version)

                        Total Boston classic band that featured members of Last In Line,
                        Cut The Shit, and Out Cold, just to name a few.
                        This one will go down in the Hardcore Hall of Fame when it's all
                        said and done !
                        Their first EP, one of my favorites from Boston !
                        Fifth in the remasters series.

                        01 Cops And Robbers
                        02 Face To Face
                        03 Dropping Like Flies
                        04 Liar
                        05 Firing Squad
                        06 Buried Alive
                        07 Too Late
                        08 Lost Cause
                        09 This Is Boston, Fuck L.A. (aka-Social Distortion- Playpen)
                        10 Desensitized


Chain Rank - The Grip Demo Cassette (2013) Boston (remastered sound version)

                        4th in the remasters series, great newer band from Boston !!!!!
                        Featuring members of Social Circkle, Green Beret, and The Combat
                        Zone, that's pretty much all you need to know to guess that this Demo
                        freakin' rules !!!!!
                        80's hardcore mixed with elements from today, totally epic fast & fun
                        aggression from the north east !

                        01 Chain Rank
                        02 The Grip
                        03 Turn Your Back And Run
                        04 Point And Accuse
                        05 Criminal Banner
                        06 Watching Their World


Crucial Attack - 2nd 7'' (2005) Reno, Nevada (remastered sound version)

                    Third in the remasters series, from mid 2000's Reno, Crucial Attack !
                    Raging straight edge fun !!!!!
                    Classic 2000's U.S. SXE !
                    Recleaned and ready to blast at high volume ! :)

                   01 How We Roll
                   02 What's Up Coach
                   03 Just A Fuckin' Dude
                   04 Straightedge Punks Not Christian Fucks
                   05 Puttin' The Clit Back In The Pit
                   06 We Are The D.F. - Vigilante Bikers
                   07 Lack Of Campassion
                   08 Burn The Suburbs
                   09 Ballin'


Insurance Risk - How Much More... 7'' (2000) Norway (remastered sound version)

                      Here we go, next on the classic's list is Norway's Insurance Risk.
                      Total classic in the vein of old 80's Boston hardcore !
                      In 2009, Crucial Response Records remastered both ep's on the
                      Violence In Our Minds 12'', but this version was remastered straight
                      from an old 7'' rip floating around for a long time.
                      Sound is awesome !
                      Another in the series that Patrick/Hatefilled (my very good bud and
                      Brother in Hardcore) cleaned up recently.
                      One of my favorite from Norway, definitely grab this, a must !!!!!

                     01 So Must I
                     02 Too Much
                     03 Fashionable Idiots
                     04 Brothers
                     05 We Don't Care
                     06 Choke On It
                     07 No Doubt In My Mind
                     08 Not For Real



No Man's Slave - Siege Mentality 7'' (2008) Oklahoma (remastered sound version)

                        Recently my friend Patrick in Holland began cleaning up older hardcore
                        classics. He's been doing it for years, but in the last few weeks has had
                        time to do some great ones !
                        This one is from 2008, raging Oklahoma hardcore, total classic from
                        the last decade !!!!!
                        Big big thanks to Patrick for the fantastic work he did on this, and the
                        next bunch i'm about to put up !
                        You're gonna love the next few posts !!!!!

                        01 Curbing Homophobia
                        02 Clocking In
                        03 God's Traitor
                        04 Prescription Drugs
                        05 Some People Just Need Killing
                        06 Nothing Positive
                        07 Made Eunuch
                        08 Crossbreaker
                        09 General Crime
                        10 Diet Of Shit
                        11 Bastardization Of Self
                        12 State Education Pt. 1 - State Education Pt. 2
                        13 Sally Kern
                        14 Pliant (Left For Dead)