Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rat Byte - Live @ Radiobeat-WERS, Boston 09-24-2005

Her's another great band from New England area, Connecticut to be exact.
This recording was also sent by Old Fast & Loud, and split by yours truely.
This one is also from WERS Radiobeat (Emerson College in Boston)
from 2005. Band broke up around 2007 or 08'. Not sure what projects
members have gone on to, but definitely awesome band to be remembered !

01 Intro - Get Lost
02 No Mind
03 My Boss Is A Jerk
04 Frustration
05 Fun
06 Speed
07 Nowhere
08 School Daze
09 Not For Me
10 USA (Reagan Youth)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Comment - Demo (1987) with tape cover and inner tape art (Los Angeles)

Here is my second non one-track post. Nothing special about the rip,
I took it from their Discography. But the special part about this post
is the cover and inner art. I actually own the tape, bought it right
after it came out at Vinyl Fetish in Hollywood way back when. My
friend Allanfastcore requested that I scan the tape, so here it is in all
it's rarity !

                                                          01 Skin Rape
02 Human Scum
03 World of Difference
04 Modern Moses
05 Guinea Piglet Alone
06 Community Slugs
07 Jugular Scars

Monday, September 19, 2011

Usurper - Demo (2010) Boston

This Demo was sent to me by my bud Mr. Scud, from the extinct band
Scatterbrained. Really good band from Boston area that is currently
done because of band members moving around. One of the dudes in
band sent me the track list, which made it alot easier to split. My friend
 Alex asked to post this one on his blog a few months back (No Punks In 
K-Town blog), which I said no problem. Damn good Demo! Hopefully
this band gets back together at some point, very talented youngsters !

01 Intro - Facial Apocalypse
02 Fuck City
03 Thunderhead
04 Tallow Moss and Bone
                                            05 Glueniverse, Being... Realms
                                            06 Tut Tut, It Looks Like Snakes


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Futile Effort - What's The Use ? Demo (1984) New Jersey

Old Jersey hardcore from the early 80's, great
stuff !

01 Lost It All
02 Give Us A Real Band (Joke's On You)
03 Confusion Running Rampan
04 Am I Punk Yet
05 Have A Nice Day
06 What A Shame
07 Step On Me
08 Looking Forward
09 Peace of Mind
10 I've Got To Stop Smoking
11 I Yam What I Yam
12 Abnormal Member of Society
13 Where Did You Go Wrong
14 Futile


Friday, September 9, 2011

V.A. - A World Divided By Powertrips and Bullshit Politics, Can't We All Just Get Along ! (2009) oldschoolmike

Ok, my first non 1 track post, this is the comp I made in 2009. Tried
to find a label to release this one, but economy was so bad, no label
wanted to put it out. My good bud Mr. Old Fast & Loud helped me
with equalization of sound on this bad boy, and my friend Pat Rubbish
put together the cover art. Thanks a million for the help my fiends !
Also a big thanks to my friend xBonesxBrigadex from All Things Old
School blog in Brazil for posting this comp after it came out, you rock
my friend !

01 Sucked Dry - Give Up (Kansas City)
02 Snake Run - Death Trap (Australia)
03 Sarjan Hassan - Play Fast or Die ! (Malaysia)
04 Antisexy - PxDxMx (Italy)
05 Screwed Up - Abort Your Doubts (Germany)
06 Crippled Fox - Old School or No School (Hungary)
07 Ledge Attack - Game of Skate (Indonesia)
08 Geriatric Unit - Sell-Out (UK)
09 Tiempo Crucial - Ciudadania Enemiga (Chile)
10 Crucial Cause - Blood Money (Bay Area, California)
11 Elasticdeath - The Shaolin Masters Have No Mercy (Brazil)
12 Nomos - The Most Dangerous Game (New York)
13 Tense Reaction - Profit of Doom (Holland)
14 Dogends - I'm Not A Racist - I.W.B.G. (Southern California)
15 Bored Straight - Deaf (Milwaukee, Wiconsin)
                                     16 Damage Repair - You Are But What You Eat (Latvia)
                                                    17 Daddy No! - Culpable (Scotland)
                                                    18 Saywhy - Starec (Czech Republic)
                                                    19 Fun Freaks - Bad Religion (Japan)
                                       20 Ultimate Blowup - Elimination Sequence (Turkey)
                                                 21 Urban Unrest - Rat Race (Finland)
                                              22 Shortlived -Pyrotechnic (New Zealand)
                                   23 S.P.G. (Special Patrol Group) - Absurd Life (New Jersey)
                                      24 Ruidosa Inmundicia - Condiciones Inhumanas (Austria)
                                            25 SmartxBomb - Just Screaming (Macedonia)
                                               26 Evazija - Educate Yourself ! (Croatia)
                                               27 Reminder - Strong Enough (Argentina)
                                      28 Margaret Thrasher - Stagedive King (Siberia, Russia)
                                                 29 Mondo Gecko - Raw Anger (Israel)
                                  30 Forced March - Manifest Catastrophe (Portland, Oregon)
                                      31 GxFxTx (Good Fucking Time) - Must Pay (Lithuania)
                                            32 Jean Mills Society Torch - P.E. (Maryland)
                                       33 Reproach - The L.A.P.D. Can Suck It ! (Belgium)
                                             34 Knuckle Scraper - Cross The Pit (Texas)
                                                      35 Amoba - Kontroll (Sweden)
                                                          36 Archaic - 15 (Virginia)
                                                  37 Coche Bomba - Plastico (France)
                                                 38 Love Potion - Overdose (Denmark)
                                  39 I.O.A. (Infestation Of Ass) - You Call Me Frizzo (Iowa)
                                            40 Pull Out An Eye - P.O.V. Is Crime (Belarus)
                                        41 No Man's Slave - Presription Drugs (Oklahoma)
                                       42 No Minion - Alone and Foresaken (Washington DC)
                                               43 Let's Grow - Zombie Scene (Serbia)
                 44 S.B.V. (Silent But Violent) - The Sunday Collector (San Diego, California)
                                                       45 Varivari - Kanji Title (Japan)
                                                46 Bunny Skulls - Life of Rage (Michigan)
                                       47 Sharon Stoned - No One's Young Twice (Malaysia)
                                         48 Pahaa Verta - Kaikki Irti Elamasta (Finland)
                                             49 Death of President - Revolt (Indonesia)
                                              50 Insugent Rat - Crippled Cop (Sweden)
                                            51 Neon Bitches - Dropout (Rhode Island)
                                             52 Nossa Vinganca - P.Q.S.J.P.S.C. (Brazil)
                                               53 Urban Blight - Breakout (Canada)
                                                54 In I Elden - Aldrig Slutat (Sweden)
                                           55 Straightjacket Nation - The Threat (Australia)
                                           56 Nervous Breakdown - Cut Off (Germany)
                                           57 S.S.F. (Strong So Far) - Meat Free (Poland)
                                              58 Ninpulators - Nincs Isten (Hungary)
                                        59 Demokhratia - Lemssid-Usine A Bombes (Algeria)
                                    60 RxTxEx (Run Time Error) - Captain Trash (Austria)

                                                              Re-posted 10/9/2017