Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Urethra Franklin and the Ghetto Children - Pimpin' Death Demo 2 (1999) Chicago

           Hailing from the North side of Chicago, UFGC began their onslaught back in 1997.
           Started out as 3 high school students and 1 moldie oldie, my good bud Pat. Active
           until 2002, members went on to play in such bands as Chronic Seizure, Rat Bastards,
           Disrobe, and the stoner rock band Trifog. UFGC also attracted some controversial
           artists, Mike Diana being one of those artists. He created the t-shirt art in this post for
           their Christ-Ka-Bob design. No cover art for this Demo yet, but who knows, might be
           found at some point in time ! This is Urethra's second Demo, I will post the first Demo
           real soon ! Both were edited from the 1 track recordings I recieved from Pat. Totally
           awesome band that never recieved all the credit and recognition they deserved !

01 Pick Your Friends
02 Tori Anus
03 Throwdown
04 Star Spangled Lie
05 Fugitive Pope
06 Jesus Is Coming, Open Your Mouth
07 Idiot Picnic
08 Typical (Poison Idea)
09 Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye
10 Dr. Nation
11 Long Live Emo
12 No Wimpy
13 Christ Kabob
14 Bitch From Hell
15 Pick Your Friends (Live from your Mom's bedroom)
16 Slow Bitch


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gross Negligence - Self Titled 7'' (2009) San Diego, Ca.

I found this recording on the music program i'm on. Found it as 3 tracks, decided
to edit it properly. Might have been posted on a blog as 3 tracks as well at some
point in time, can't remember. The songs were recorded closely together, so this
was slightly more challenging to split. Awesome band ! Fast and ripping hardcore,
with an early 80's feel ! Reminds me of Ill Repute meets RKL, with newer
nuances of hardcore as well. This ep shreds from start to finish !

01 Skate The Apocalypse
02 Free Emilio
03 Tough Guy
04 High On Stress
05 Smash It Up
06 Decay
07 Outro

D.S.-13 - Live in U.S.A., 2001 (taken from ''No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead'' cd) Sweden

This Live set (or tracks from many Live sets from their U.S. Tour) comes from
the last track on the No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead cd. Thought
it would be cool to split this one into tracks, great Live set ! 

01 Nuclear Holocaust
02 Lies
03 Eran Profit Varan Dod
04 I'm a Cop
05 I Hate You
06 D.I.Y. or Die
07 Can't Watch This
08 Fight
09 If This Is Hardcore
10 Reclaim The Streets
11 Thrash Lifestyle
12 Society Scandal
13 I Won't Dance To It
14 Not My Fight
15 D.S.-13

Link reposted 4-5-2017

Saturday, August 27, 2011

D.S.-13 - Live @ The Smell, Los Angeles, Ca. (2001) Sweden

This recording was originally taken from a video. Mr. Old Fast & Loud extracted the
songs in audio form as 1 MP3, then I split, edited & titled the songs. Have no idea
who filmed it, but fucking stoked that someone did ! Correction, Mosh-138 (bass
player from D.S.-13) sent me a message telling me this was their second Tour. First
was in 2000, the previous year. Defintely grab it, one of the best bands ever to
thrash the hardcore world !!!!!

01 I Hate You
02 Lie
03 Eran Profit Varan Dod
04 D.I.Y. or Die
05 Can't Watch This
06 I'm A Cop
07 Nuclear Holocaust
08 If This Is Hardcore
09 Thrash Lifestyle
10 Look Beyond The Youth Crew
11 State Oppression (Raw Power)
12 Not My Fight
13 Degenerated Generation
14 Fight
15 Ripping Shit
16 Media Bliz (The Germs)
17 Media Blitz (The Germs continued...)
18 D.S.-13

Link reposted 4-5-2017

Mental Rescue - Straightacket Demo (2009) Canada

Can't remember where I found this Demo tape, but it totally rules ! These
songs were recorded very close together, so I edited 3 of the tracks as multiple
songs on 1 track. Killer fast and slightly sloppy hardcore, you need this Demo !

01 Death To The Fucking Human Race 02 Kamikaze Mission
03 Shit Kids
04 Mutant Shit 05 Scapegoat
06 Yankees Out
07 Cult of the Leader
08 Pseudo Rebel 09 Intru Mental 10 Police Agression
11 Lock Me Up
12 Endless Routine
13 Cold Day In Hell When I Surrender
                                                               14 Instru Mental Part 2
15 Straightjacket

Rupture - Those Marijuana Mushroom Moments tape (1992) Australia

                  These last 2 posts are rare old Rupture tapes with recordings from their
                 original Demos, Rehearsals, and Live recordings. Both tapes released as a
               box set back in the 90's. If you read the post before this, this is the other
                rare tape by Rupture I split and edited. This tape was originally 83 tracks.
                One track was missing from Side A, and one from Side B, 38 Why Pt. 1
                                   and track 83 The Game (Infest cover). Enjoy !

                                                    Reposted September 16, 2014

Rupture - Fuck Your Life tape 90-93' (1993) Australia

I recieved this tape as 2 tracks (Side A & Side B) from my friend Gen, who
was in the band Ruido. This rare tape, as well as another i'm about to put
up next, were ripped by Zach from xBrainiax. 71 tracks of compiled
recordings that Rupture released as a tape in 93'. Needless to say, took a
while to split and edit properly, but well worth it if you're a fan of Rupture !
Track list included in download. This was posted on Velha Escola Nova
Escola blog a few months back, but without my knowledge, dude
downloaded it from my personal files.

Reposted September 16, 2014

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bukkake Boys - Splendid Thoughts ep (2008) Georgia

This ep was available for download in a few places, but was never ripped correctly into
MP3's. I found it ripped as 1 track, and 3 tracks, but never spit properly. I wanted
to give it proper respect, so I split it the right way.

01 Mind Vulture
0 Mind Police
03 Mind Karate
04 Mind Thoughts
05 Mind Copulation
06 Mind Melter

Friday, August 12, 2011

Drug Money - Demo 1 (2011) Ohio

Grabbed this one from the Give Praise Records site, then found a tracklist on Well Fed blog.
My friend in Boston was telling me about these guys recently. They been playing some shows
around Boston lately, getting some attention ! Check em out !

                                                          01 Reborn
                                                          02 Urge To Hurt
                                                          03 Fluids Release
                                                          04 Unchained
                                                          05 Digust Reality


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blank Stare - Live @ Side Two Studios Cassette, Boston-MA. (02-07-2008) Drugged Conscience

This one was floating around as 1 track for a while. Freakin' awesome band, everything they put out ruled ! Never saw em Live, but this set kicks ass, and sound quality is fairly decent !

                                                                01 Intro
                                                  02 Burdened - 03 Bitter Taste
                                                           04 White Hell
                                                          05 White Corpse
                                                         06 Choice or Coercion
                                                         07 Fuck Your Life
                                                         08 Another Blessing
                                                            09 No Rebel
                                                     10 This Is Not Intuition
                                                              11 Cowards
                                                            12 Better Odds


The Outs - We Are The Outs Demo Tape (2011) Indiana

The Outs are a fairly new band with female fronted vocals. I believe I found their Demo as 1 track on Narrow Mind blog. Very good band, fast and energetic hardcore ! I hear they play Chicago area fairly often, as well as Indiana. Hope to hear more from this band in the near future !

                                                              01 Girlfriends
                                                            02 Get Creeped
                                                               03 Boy Scout
                                                            04 Just Can't Win
                                                                05 The Outs
                                                               06 Rebel Girl


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Asshole Parade - Demo Tape (1995) Gainsville, florida

This Demo I found on the Student Ghetto Violence CD as 1 track, had to split it, they
always rule ! I've known Travis from Asshole Parade for a few years, so finding the info
on this rare tape was fairly easy. I believe he said there was only like 30-50 tapes that were
made, so you are fucking really lucky if you own a copy ! He also added that it was
recorded for the price of a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee, haha, nice !

Asshole Parade - Demo was recorded in November/December 1995.

Asshole Parade - 1995 Demo Line Up
Travis - Vocals
Jon - Drums/Vocals
Brian - Guitar
Chris - Bass/Vocals

01 Gurgle Forth
02 President Speaks
03 Maturacide
04 At Loss
05 Who We Are - 06 Stapled Not Nailed
07 Untitled (never released or played Live)


Molemminpuoleinen Varma Tuho - tracks from split 7'' with Total Recall (2011) Finland

Found this band by downloading Total Recall, another Finish band on one of their splits.
When there were only the Total Recall songs, I went searching for the other band on the split
and found their bandcamp. Couldn't download the tracks from their releases, by my friend G68 was magically able to record their releases as 1 track, then I split these releases. Incredibly great fastcore band in the vein of D.S.-13's faster stuff, but probably faster ! Awesome band !!!!!

01 Muntadhar al-Zaidi 
02 Viimeinen läpinäkyvä siunaus 
03 Babylon 
04 Sormi perseessä 
05 Syy, seuraus & ikaros 
06 Liemi teki minusta kykloopin 
07 Ien-Inkinen
08 Raastavan fataali ihmisyyden destruktio
09 Ydintuhon jälkeinen päivä on huominen

Moleminnpuoleinen Varma Tuho - tracks from split with Shitsnackers (2010) Finland

Looking for any releases by Shitsnackers from Finland as well, if anyone can hook me up with any of their recordings, it would be much appreciated !

01 Ei saa palaa paitsi maksa 
                                                    02 Maksakirroosi ja monikansalliset yhtiöt 
                                                 03 Järkyttävä Mariaanienhauta täynnä paskaa 
                                                      04 Bää-bää siellä, bää-bää täällä 
                                                                 05 Mestauslava 
                                                            06 Tornin murtuminen 
                                                        07 Vallankumous kännissä 
                                                      08 Rakeisten kuvien raamattu
                               09 Jos tänään räjähätte ja poltatte kotinne, niin saatte huomenna
                                                           10 Tähtiporttiteoria
                                                  11 Sulkeudu pandora, sulkeudu 
                                             12 Pyhienne yhteyteen paskahuussissa


Molemminpuoleinen Varma Tuho - Ihmisyyskö Petti Vaiko Koneet cd-r (2008) Finland

01 Purkutuomio 
02 Kyrpä
03 Yksi suomalainen ja saksalainen scifilennosto vastaa kymmentä ryssää 
04 Uusinta
05 Ylex Homo
06 Raivoapatia part II 
07 Vaurastu tai teurastu 
08 Molemminpuoleinen varma tuho
09 Stubb stubb stubb 
10 Moderni barbaari 
11 Ihmisyyskö petti vaiko koneet ? 
12 Tähtien lailla vilkkuvien mainosvalojen kita 
13 Sininen mies tryffelimetsässä 
14 Maailma rasvakeittimessä 
15 Jos minä olen hallusinaatio, kuka sinä olet ? 
16 Rottakuningas 
17 Politiikan Jonathan Morgan 
18 Vaatekaappifasisti 
19 Frank, rakennamme jo räjähteitä
20. Verbaalinen nuorallatanssi   
21 Yhteiskunta pelkää pientä tyttöä
22 Potero
23 LD50 
24 Tänään tapetaan, huomenna kuollaan

Molemminpuoleinen Varma Tuho - Tourijulkaisu Demo (2008) Finland

01 Arsenikkihuuhtelu
                                      02 Raivoapatia
                                      03 Tanja Karpela tupakoi nälkäänsä
                                      04 Muovinen saatana 
                                      05 Uhkapohjainen kontrolli
                                      06 Suunnitelmissa kohtalokas samba 
                                      07 Korporaatiomies, kassakone ja massi
                                      08 Eläinten vapautusrintama vie sun työt
                                      09 Ydintuhon jälkeinen päivä on huominen 


Culo - First Demo (200X) Chicago

Found this on Narrow Mind blog, run by the dudes from Poor Choice. They sent me info about
the Demo so I could properly split it, cool dudes ! Check out Narrow Mind blog if you haven't !
I believe this was recorded in 2008 or 2009, not 100% sure.

01 Suburban Vermin
02 Hi-Fives For Our Lives
03 Bathroom Breaks
04 Make Me Straight
05 They Made Me Mental
06 Don't Care Pt. 1

Caustic Defiance - Enough Talk Tape (1985) Peoria, Illinois

This is the actual Enough Talk Tape, not the split CD with Negative Element. Although it contains some of the same tracks as the recently released CD split Demo, this is the original tape recording.
Incomplete track list sent by Allan. Very much appreciated, thank you !

                                                    Tracklist updated 6/25/2018

01 Enough Talk
02 Who Are You
03 Ignorance Is Bliss
04 I Could Kill You
05 Personal Aggression
06 One Million Stares
07 Educated Pain
08 Extra-Curricular Activities
09 Tell Me Why
10 T.A.G.
11 Justified Violence
12 Wasted Lives
13 Women
14 Used
15 Caustic Defiance
16 Don't Let It Die
17 Mony, Mony (Tommy James & The Shondells)

                                                        Re-Uploaded 6/25/2018
               Now that Discog's has added some of the more obscure bands, I updated
               the Caustic Defiance folder with full tracklist and artwork. Thankfully someone
               added that info to Discogs !!!!! I also added a Tim Yohannan Max. Rn'R review,
               which I put in the original folder back in 2011.



Ancient Filth - Demo (2010) Boston

                                  I recieved this file from my friend in Boston, ex-singer of
                                  Scatterbrained. This is a fairly new band featuring Matt from
                                  the once active band Fruit Salad, very good demo !!!!!

                                     01. Fumes (light the fucking match)
                                     02. Too Young (fuck adults)
                                     03. Forefathers For The Apocalypse
                                     04. Black Liquid Death
                                     05. Egokill
                                     06. American Privileged Brat
                                     07. Fuck With Life
                                     08. Push To The Limit
                                     09. Macho Man Savage
                                     10. New Generation (Zero Boys)
                                     11. Ancient Filh


Sunday, August 7, 2011

ZERO BOYS + M.D.C. + MINOR THREAT - Live @ The Barn (Alpine Village), Torrance-CA. July 3, 1982

Reposted 10-17-2017

Download Here

So, to make a long tory short, I found out about this show in June of 82'. Next
step was to try to come up with a plan on how I was gonna get there. I was only
15, no driver's license, and my parents basically said no. Then I remembered,
my Aunt lives near Torrance, and told me I could stay over any time. I thought,
hell yeah, i'll see if it's cool with my Aunt if I hang out with her and my Uncle for
a couple of days, and see if she could drop me off at the show. Totally amazed, my
Aunt went for it, and my parent said no problem ! So, I was fucking excited as
hell to see an epic show! First time Minor Threat and Zero Boys hit Southern
California, and I knew it was gonna be a barnburner ! I drew this flyer attached
to this post about 3 weeks before the show, might be one of the only, or few flyers
made for this show. So, July 3rd comes, and I make it to the show ! The Detonators
started off the show, and played an awesome set featuring tracks from their yet
to be released lp, Emergency Broadcast Systems. Next, a very young M.D.C. hits the
stage, and rips out a full set of blazing hardcore, I was blown away ! I heard them on
the radio once before the show, but seeing them Live, I knew they would probably be
destined for hardcore history ! Next, a band i'd been dying to see after getting the
Vicious Circle lp, the Zero Boys ! This was definitely one of the best and tightest sets i'd
ever seen, they blew the roof off The Barn ! So damn good, the slam was insane for
Vicious Circle ! Then came Minor Threat, a band i'd loved since they began in 80' !
When they started, they were amazed to see and hear that alot of Californian's
knew the words to their songs, and went completely nuts ! There was over 900
people at the show, and the whole place broke out into a pit during Minor Threat.
Totally crazy, bodies flying everywhere ! Every couple of seconds 15 or more people
would climb up on the stage, as 15 or so dove off at the same time, complete
pandamonium ! I had only seen one band before command such utter insanity, and that
was Wasted Youth at Youth Movement 82' just months before. Minor Threat needless
to say, sealed their fame in hardcore history after this show and Tour ! Next came the
band responsible for putting on such a historic event, the Dead Kennedys. It was Jello
that brought out and supported Minor Threat and the Zero Boys throughout their Tour,
promoted the shows, and was the driving force behind the scene back then ! The DK's
played an hour and a half set, was fucking so damn good it was unreal !!!!! All in all,
probably the best show i've ever seen ! Each band played a full set, and I was very
very lucky to have been there ! Fortunately someone actually recorded part of this
show, which my nephew found online. After going through very poorly edited
tracks, I actually had to splice back together, and re-edit due to some technical
issues. Very special thanks to my nephew, cheesemanboat !

01 Zero Boys - Seen That Movie Before
02 Zero Boys - Outta Style
03 Zero Boys - You Can Touch Me
04 Zero Boys - Mom's Wallet
05 M.D.C. - Kill The Light
06 M.D.C. - Church and State
07 M.D.C. - Business On Parade
08 M.D.C. - Dead Cops-America's So Straight
09 M.D.C. - Pay To Come Along
10 Minor Threat - Screaming At A Wall
11 Minor Threat - Minor Threat
12 Minor Threat - 12XU
13 Minor Threat - Straight Edge
14 Minor Threat - Small Man, Big Mouth
15 Minor Threat - Little Friend
16 Minor Threat - Guilty Of Being White
17 Minor Threat - In My Eyes
18 Minor Threat - No Reason