Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Urethra Franklin and the Ghetto Children - Pimpin' Death Demo 2 (1999) Chicago

           Hailing from the North side of Chicago, UFGC began their onslaught back in 1997.
           Started out as 3 high school students and 1 moldie oldie, my good bud Pat. Active
           until 2002, members went on to play in such bands as Chronic Seizure, Rat Bastards,
           Disrobe, and the stoner rock band Trifog. UFGC also attracted some controversial
           artists, Mike Diana being one of those artists. He created the t-shirt art in this post for
           their Christ-Ka-Bob design. No cover art for this Demo yet, but who knows, might be
           found at some point in time ! This is Urethra's second Demo, I will post the first Demo
           real soon ! Both were edited from the 1 track recordings I recieved from Pat. Totally
           awesome band that never recieved all the credit and recognition they deserved !

01 Pick Your Friends
02 Tori Anus
03 Throwdown
04 Star Spangled Lie
05 Fugitive Pope
06 Jesus Is Coming, Open Your Mouth
07 Idiot Picnic
08 Typical (Poison Idea)
09 Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye
10 Dr. Nation
11 Long Live Emo
12 No Wimpy
13 Christ Kabob
14 Bitch From Hell
15 Pick Your Friends (Live from your Mom's bedroom)
16 Slow Bitch


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