Saturday, August 27, 2011

D.S.-13 - Live @ The Smell, Los Angeles, Ca. (2001) Sweden

This recording was originally taken from a video. Mr. Old Fast & Loud extracted the
songs in audio form as 1 MP3, then I split, edited & titled the songs. Have no idea
who filmed it, but fucking stoked that someone did ! Correction, Mosh-138 (bass
player from D.S.-13) sent me a message telling me this was their second Tour. First
was in 2000, the previous year. Defintely grab it, one of the best bands ever to
thrash the hardcore world !!!!!

01 I Hate You
02 Lie
03 Eran Profit Varan Dod
04 D.I.Y. or Die
05 Can't Watch This
06 I'm A Cop
07 Nuclear Holocaust
08 If This Is Hardcore
09 Thrash Lifestyle
10 Look Beyond The Youth Crew
11 State Oppression (Raw Power)
12 Not My Fight
13 Degenerated Generation
14 Fight
15 Ripping Shit
16 Media Bliz (The Germs)
17 Media Blitz (The Germs continued...)
18 D.S.-13

Link reposted 4-5-2017


  1. Dude! We actually did two US tours so we played L.A. both in 2000 and 2001. But cheers for this. Do you know where the actual video from this is? There used to be some of it on youtube but I can’t find it now. Mosh/138 (bassplayer, DS-13)

  2. Hey Mosh, thanx for the info ! That's right, I think I remember you guys playing Thrash Fest in Minnesota both years, my bad :)