Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dropdead - Humanity Is Burying The Earth With Its Rotting Carcasses... cassette (1999) Ad Absurdum Records, Czech Republic

                                  Ok, here we go, the last one i'm posting this weekend. Been
                                  busy editing a ton of stuff last few days, need a break ! This
                                  tape came out in 99', but was actually a Live recording from
                                  from October 19th 1997 in Lahti- Finland. Awesome tape
                                  from one of the great masters of powerviolence/fastcore,
                                  the almighty Dropdead !!!!!

                                                    01 Bullshit Tradition
                                                    02 Control
                                                    03 Unjustified Murder
                                                    04 Sheep
                                                    05 Requiem
                                                    06 Those Who We Deny
                                                    07 Mindless Icon
                                                    08 Witchhunt
                                                    09 Herd
                                                    10 Army Of Hate
                                                    11 Bosnia
                                                    12 Prison
                                                    13 What Once Was Life
                                                    14 No Glory
                                                    15 You Have A Voice
                                                    16 At The Cost Of An Animal
                                                    17 Still You Follow Blindly
                                                    18 New World Slaughter
                                                    19 I Will Defy
                                                    20 The Circle Complete
                                                    21 Stolen Life
                                                    22 Part II
                                                    23 Life In Chains


V.A. - Thrash Ahoy !! (1998) & V.A. - Thrash Ahoy !!! (1999) Japan

                             This is from late 90's Japan. It's Vol. 2 in a series of great 7'' power-
                             violence comps. Got this from my bud Andre from Tense Reaction/
                             Nekromantiker, awesome Holland hardcore ! The first of this series
                             is easy to find in MP3 form, but this one and the 3rd one (which I
                             will post next as well), are harder to find these days. He sent both
                             sets of MP3's as Side A & Side B, and I split and edited. The info
                             on these comps is on Discogs site, that site freakin' rules !!!!!
                             Anyway, these compilations are raging and ferocious killer
                             Japanese crazed powerviolence, which in my book is some of the
                             best ! So hold on to your hat, turn up the volume and hit play !

                                          01 Power Of Idea - Shout
                                          02 Power Of Idea - Human Rights
                                          03 Less Haze - Make A Hash
                                          04 Exorgrindst - M1
                                          05 Exorgrindst - M2
                                          06 Exorgrindst - M3
                                          07 Exorgrindst - M4
                                          08 FxIxOxMx - Silly Game
                                          09 Insane'n The Brain - Nonsense - Noise Of Overthere
                                          10 Battle Of Disarm - Dead Vivisecter 98'
                                          11 Social Crime - Black Money
                                          12 The Charge - Cause He Was White
                                          13 Fuck On The Beach - Fuck On The Beach
                                          14 Fuck On The Beach - G-Spot
                                          15 Fuck On The Beach - Good Feeling
                                          16 Knuckle Head - Untitled
                                          17 Knuckle Head - Untitled
                                          18 Boss Pitt - Untitled
                                          19 Boss Pitt - Space Leader
                                          20 Vivisick - Against The Wall
                                          21 Vivisick - Fucked Up Clone Baby
                                          22 G.J.P.B. - Society
                                          23 Dead Speakers - Untitled
                                          24 DxIxEx - Hashdumake
                                          25 DxIxEx - Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Make
                                          26 DxIxEx - Make!!
                                          27 DxIxEx - Make Power Violence
                                          28 Dilate - Head Pump
                                          29 Dilate - Forget Me Not


                                     V.A. - Thrash Ahoy !!! (1999) Japan

Here is Vol. 3 in the series, which is also a hard comp to find
these days. Special thanks for these awesome comps go to Andre,
and I believe he said he might have gotten them from our good
Russian friend from the outskirts of Novosibirsk. Anyway,
thank you Andre and uzername, you guys have some of the
best collections of Japanese hardcore in the world !!!!!
Ok, grab these awesome comps while there are still blogs
left, cause who knows what the future holds !

01 Power Of Idea - Imagination Kill The System
02 Power Of Idea - For Resist
03 Fuck On The Beach - FOB
04 Fuck On The Beach - Happy
05 Fuck On The Beack - Oh! My Chocolate
06 Senseless Apocalypse - Go! Go! Chiapy!!
07 Senseless Apocalypse - Natural Healing
08 Juno - Untitled
09 Protess - Untitled
10 Unknown - Mamushi Merody
11 Deaf And Dumb - Where Are No Reason Anger
12 Deaf And Dumb - Keep Power Alive
13 Ultimate - Not Doing
14 Ultimate - Stop The Life
15 Terrible Headache - Terrible Pain
16 Atmosphre - All The Same A Human Being
17 K.N.K. + Ay Ako & Ayuko - Y.M.D.A.

Holy Shit! - Live On WMSE cassette (2011) Ultrawaste Records

                               This one came out on my good friend Eric's label,
                               Ultrawaste Records. Eric also actively plays in a couple
                               really good bands some of you might have heard before,
                               Bored Straight and Tenement. Tenement will be in L.A.
                               in August. You may know them from their split with Culo,
                               along with numerous other releases. They will be headlining
                               at Blue Star Cafe in L.A. with Shotdown, Nasa Space Universe,
                               White Walls (from Cincinnati), and locals Generacion Suicida.
                               If you live in L.A., it's on Saturday August 25th at The Blue Star
                               Cafe near Downtown L.A. There's my plug, shameless & proud ! :)
                               Anyhow, back to this post. Not sure when these recordings are from,
                               but Eric sent me the MP3's last year after the tape came out.
                               He sent as 2 MP3's, 2 Live sets, so I split into tracks. Originally
                               came out on cassette on Eric's label Ultrawaste Records, where
                               you can also purchase some Bored Straight releases. Holy Shit!
                               been shredding for 12 or so years, totally awesome Wisconsin
                               hardcore ! From the land of cows & beer, and a few billion pounds
                               of cheese, come the pummeling killer beats of Holy Shit! For your
                               listening pleasure ! :)

                                                 Set 1
                                       01 Bad Day Fishing
                                       02 Put A Bandaid On It
                                       03 Drink Tab Drop Out
                                       04 Midwest Beatdown
                                       05 Another Great Idea
                                       06 Delete Your Myspace
                                       07 Black Out, Call In
                                       08 Momentos
                                       09 Ruin Everything
                                       10 I Shot Brock
                                       11 Fire Alarm
                                       12 Time For You To Leave

                                                  Set 2

                                        01 I Hate Banks
                                        02 No Reason
                                        03 Self Civil War
                                        04 Don't Worry, Be Happy
                                        05 It's Always The Juice
                                        06 Bruised Dog Food
                                        07 Clara's Future
                                        08 Last Road Trip
                                        09 We Don't Skate
                                        10 Class Moron
                                        11 Fill In The Blanks
                                        12 Dillinger Four
                                        13 I Love You, I Hate You


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Municipal Waste - Live @ Lintfabriek, Kontich-Belgium 10-13-2005

                                I've had this in my files for years. Just realized a few days
                                ago it had not been edited into tracks. When I gave a listen,
                                discovered how good this Live recording is ! This show was
                                in Belgium during their Hazardous Mutation Tour. Live 2005,
                                ripping it up, ain't no jive ! Damn good sound on this one, I highly
                                recommend it if you are a fan of banging your head hard !!!!! :)

                                         01 Waste 'Em All
                                         02 Mutants Of War
                                         03 Accelerated Vision
                                         04 Toxic Revolution
                                         05 I Want To Kill The President
                                         06 The Thrashing Of The Christ
                                         07 Sweet Attack
                                         08 Unleash The Bastards
                                         09 Bang Over


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harhaa - Demo (2012) Canada

This Demo comes out of Toronto Canada, 1 man Scandanavian
onslaught ! This is a 1 man project by Zach from Kremlin. A
friend of mine told me about this project after he read the latest
Max. Rn'R. I found a recording of this on an Equalizing
Distortion set from late June. Then my other bud found a better
complete recording on Soundcloud, which is what I used to
edit for this post. This blew me away the first time I heard it !
Killer Finnish influenced ripping hardcore ! Some of the best
i've heard since the 80's, freakin' awesome !!!!!
Definitely grab this one !!!!!

01 Delusion
02 Exploit To The Fullest
03 Test
04 Forced Insulation
05 Track 5
06 Outro

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raw Nerve - Distort Jersey City, WFMU Radio 04-26-2012

                            Here lies the now defunct Raw Nerve, they played their last shows
                            a few months back. This one originally was scheduled to go on Old
                            Fast & Loud blog, but was passed down to me because of some
                            technical difficulties. Anyway, Raw Nerve was in the Chicago scene
                            for roughly 3 or 4 years, putting out raw and frantic hardcore. They
                            recieved alot of attention early on when they released their Teens In
                            Heat ep, moving their way into the scene with bold confidence ! They
                            played many shows in the Midwest, gaining alot more praise along the
                            way. As well, they were getting alot of attention on foreign shores
                            early on also. They were planning to do a split with Culo back in
                            2011, but that never came to fruition. Maybe will come out some day,
                            at least I hope so ! Here is one of the last recordings of Raw Nerve, Live
                            set from WFMU Radio in New Jersey. Hate to see when bands end,
                            especially when they are in their prime, but hopefully we'll se a new
                            band emerge from the ashes of Raw Nerve, we'll see ! :) I won't
                            bore you anymore with my banter, so here you go ! I give you the
                            awesome raw epic stylings of a fucking killer band that will be
                            surely missed, Raw Nerve !!!!!

                                     01 Daily Reminder - Big Changes
                                     02 Origin of Species
                                     03 Gas Can
                                     04 Cock of The Walk
                                     05 Ill of The Dead
                                     06 Nervous Habits
                                     07 Crosses
                                     08 Hemlock
                                     09 Live Free (Youth Of Today)
                                     10 New Neighbors
                                     11 Gun Meets Mouth
                                     12 Honest Answer
                                     13 Rest - Relaxation


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Useless Pieces of Shit (U.P.S.) - The Best of CD, 84 Songs In 58 Minutes (2009) Arizona

                                These guys started in the mid 80', straight out from the
                                burning heat of Arizona. They put out a Demo back in 86',
                                that really didn't surface til about 2006, Stupid Punk Demo.
                                43 songs of ripping fast & fun hardcore ! They were raging
                                fast, with short and to the point songs that usually didn't last
                                for more then 20 seconds or so at a time :) Really great band,
                                one of the originators of what we call fastcore today. This cd
                                was partially split into tracks, but there were about 20 tracks
                                that had multiple songs and needed to be split. After I finished
                                splitting the tracks, I only counted 83. There are 81 tracks on
                                this download, but 2 tracks each have 2 songs, those two were
                                best left unsplit. So that accounts for 83 songs, although cover
                                says 84. Oh well, haha, either they made a mistake, or I did ? :)
                                Anyhow, these recordings are taken from various recording
                                sessions, as well as Live sessions & such from 86-87'. One of
                                my favorite Arizona bands of all time, here is Useless Pieces
                                of Shit, or as alot of people know them as, the infamous U.P.S. !


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sordo - Broken Sound Barrier Collection (2012) Oxnard (compiled and edited by oldschoolmike)

Here's a band hailing from good old Oxnard, the place where
Nardcore sprung from in the early 80's. I first heard about Sordo
from my Colombian friend in Chulo, a great South American
powerviolence/grind combo. He sent me their split with Sordo,
and I was hooked ! I looked up Sordo on the net, and was able
to find their Collection 08'-12' cd-r for download. Totally
awesome collection of pure raw and sweat driven powerviolence !
I saw that the last 5 or so tracks on their collection were not split
into tracks, they were the whole recordings from Demo and splits.
If you know me, then you know I had to split all these recordings
for the love of hardcore/fastcore/powerviolence ! :) I recently
contacted Eduardo, the bass player from Sordo, and he gave me
the go-ahead to do my magic. Art included in this post is random
cool art and pics from their Collection cd-r. So without further
ado, get ready to rumble, cause here is some awesome raging
powerviolence in your face !!!!! I give you the nuclear explosive
sounds of Sordo !!!!!