Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hassler - Equalizing Distort, CIUT Radio, Toronto-Canada 10-30-2012 (Canada)

                             Here's a set from one of my top 20 bands from this year, Hassler
                             from Toronto, Canada. Ripping good new hardcore band, with
                             members that were in such noteable bands as Reprobates, Career
                             Suicide, School Jerks, Brutal Knights, Chokehold, Toxic Holocaust,
                             and more... Their debut ep is fast shredding to the point hardcore,
                             just the way I like it ! New LP I believe is in the works. These guys
                             are so damn good, dying to hear more ! Anyhow, I found this set
                             on Equalizing Distort site, but was uncut, and possibly unmastered
                             as well. I split and edited songs to the best of my ability, so ENJOY !!!!!

                                  01 Trainwreck
                                  02 Creeper
                                  03 Beatdown
                                  04 Asphyxiate
                                  05 Enlightened
                                  06 Innocent (Schizophrenic)
                                  07 Pig Pen
                                  08 Amoral
                                  09 Retaliation
                                  10 Escape
                                  11 Apathy
                                  12 What I See


                              Check em' out here too:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Farsa - Live @ Cargando La Cruz De Los Arrogantes Fest, La Bicicleta Squat, Santiago-Chile 11-24-2012

                          Here's a Live set of my friend's band from Chile, Farsa. These
                          guys have been around a couple years now, and are keeping up
                          the spirit of fast hardcore/powerviolence. There are many great
                          bands in Chile today, but many bands have burned out, or moved
                          on to new projects. Hopefully we will see alot of great bands
                          coming in 2013 from Chile ! Maybe we will hear some new tunes
                          by Farsa soon, we'll see :) Anyway, these guys are full of energy
                          and ready to shred some serious sounds, so definitely check these
                          dudes out !!!!!

                          01 Largo Rumbo Hacia La Nada
                          02 Al Trato Verdadero
                          03 Quien Empieza Terminando
                          04 Untitled
                          05 Farsa
                          06 77 Kids (Systematic Death)
                          07 Untitled - Donde Crecen Las Baratas
                          08 Como Siempre
                          09 Mirada Nublada
                          10 Untitled
                          11 Lutar Matar (Olho Seco)
                          12 Batalla Final
                          13 Ni Una Salida


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vilently Ill - Guilty As Charged 1998-2007 (Andrew Lersten from Bunny Skulls 1 man band) Ludington, Michigan

                                                        Link Re-Upped 2/6/2017

                       Great 1 man project from Andrew Lersten of the imfamous Bunny Skulls.
                       Ranging from Punk to powerviolence, Vilently Ill is awesome fun and creative
                       hardcore from the Midwest. Of course Bunny Skulls rule, and this is
                       where the inspiration started from ! I just love 1 man projects, especially
                       if they are done well, and Vilently Ill definitely represents !!!!! Raging
                       pissed fun happy angry thrash attack, get some !!!!! 63 songs in total,
                       tracklist with download.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arnes Plasthjarna - 90-Talets Vis-Samling 7'' (1989) Sweden (Bonus Flexi not included)

                            Here we go, rare one from the late 80's ! Arnes Plasthjarna were
                            an awesome, yet slightly wacky and out of the ordinary hardcore
                            band from the late 80's, early 90's. They played a fun style of happy
                            upbeat fastcore, mixed with almost video game-like keyboards.
                            Killer and crazy stuff from the great white north of Scandanavia !
                            If anyone tracks down the Bonus Flexi ep that goes along with
                            7'', please contact me here on the blog, would be greatly appreciated !

                              01 Intro
                              02 Intro 2 (Vanersborgs Blojraggare)
                              03 Nar Kalle Var Pa Skattjakt
                              04 Anton Karlssons Liv Och Leverne
                              05 Den Som Gapar Over Mycket
                              06 Deep-Throat
                              07 Professor Balthazars Losning
                              08 Fnask
                              09 Stig-Abraham Och Hans Ladermask
                              10 Jag Vill Se Dina Brost!
                              11 Lena Gav Ett Handtag
                              12 Fem Soker en Lem
                              13 Aktion Mot Butiksstolder
                              14 Pudelrov
                              15 Friskt Doftat, Halva Inne
                              16 Nere Pa Stranden
                              17 Dansbandsskandalen
                              18 Senapsgas
                              19 Flasksamlare-Blues
                              20 Brevet Till So
                              21 Olof Ser Pa Ryska Sportslovfilmer
                              22 Herman La' En Skit
                              23 Outro (Hans)