Friday, October 18, 2013

Hummingbird Of Death - Full Spectrum Dominance 2005-2008 cassette (#92 out of 200 printed)

Originally posted August 18th, 2011

                       My friend from Repulsive Noise ripped this tape as 2 tracks, Side A & 
                       Side B. This one was a definite project, 91 songs to split, scary !!!!! 
                       It took like a week to split and double edit the songs, and it came out 
                       great ! The one small problem with this one was the volume was too low. 
                       So after splitting & editing, I raised and equalized the volume. Always 
                       loved H.O.D., killer fastcore/PV/grind styles from one of the best !!!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Tales of Bonnie Scotland cd (2013) Scotland

                                Brutal awesomeness from the land of Bagpipes !
                                These guys get better with every release, love this band !!!!!
                                Scotland's finest !!!!!

                                       01 Tales of Bonnie Scotland - Erector of The Trossachs
                                       02 Hairy Crags of Ancient Pine
                                       03 We Ride The Pink Crystal Falls
                                       04 A Wild Mountain Lumber
                                       05 The Lion Rampant
                                       06 Aroused Moorhen
                                       07 Tales of Bonnie Scotland Interlude
                                       08 Wedding Quaich Virgin Dram
                                       09 The Lady of Loch Throbbing
                                       10 Dig For Peat, Guddle For Trout
                                       11 Engorged Wetlands
                                       12 The A9 To Houghmagandie
                                       13 Commanding Views of Loch Vulvula


Betercore - Master of Kaos Session!! (2003) Holland

                                  Ok, this one just recently popped up on a couple blogs as
                                  an unreleased session from 2003. Don't know yet if these
                                  are newer songs, or older ones re-recorded. Need to try
                                  and decipher song titles if possible, but don't have the patients
                                  at the moment :)
                                  Anyway, here's one of the great bands that came out of the
                                  European powerviolence/fastcore craze of the late 90's, early
                                  2000's ! These guys rule, enough said !!!!!



Friday, October 4, 2013

Conga Fury + The Nitz - Split 7'' (2004) Japan/Sacramento

                           I have been trying to hunt this one down for years with no luck,
                           til this last week, when my buddy from Holland ripped it. Much
                           to my surprise, he found a copy recently in Maryland when his
                           band Nekromantiker was on a brief East Coast tour. This one
                           is a definite rager from start to finish, as Conga Fury never
                           disappoint !!!!! One of my favorite of all time Japanese bands !!!!!
                           The Nitz i'm not too familiar with, but I know they hailed from
                           Sacramento California, and they definitly ripped !!!!! The Nitz also
                           have a 7'' as well i'm looking for called "Kill You To Death" from
                           2002. If anyone has the Nitz ep, please contact me !
                           Anyway, I have always loved the brutality of Conga Fury, hope
                           to see them return someday ! If they do return, they will come back
                           with a vengeance like Godzilla or the Gargantua Bros, ready to
                           destroy !!!!! :)

                           01 Conga Fury - Easy Come Easy Go
                           02 Conga Fury - Commonplace Idea
                           03 Conga Fury - Open Your Eyes
                           04 Conga Fury - G.O.D.
                           05 The Nitz - Leeches
                           06 The Nitz - The Devil Poured Me This Drink
                           07 The Nitz - Revenge of The Nerds