Friday, March 11, 2016

Mode Of Ignorance (M.O.I.) - Live @ CBGB's 1984 (New York)

                      Someone mentioned this band to me a few days back, honestly never
                      heard about these guys.
                      Mode of Ignorance (M.O.I.) was a New York Hardcore band featuring
                      John Joseph (Bloodclot!/Cro-Mags), Harley Flanagan (Stimulators/
                      Cro-Mags), Robb Nunzio (Antidote), and Elroy. They also mention
                      Doug Holland from Kraut being in the band prior to that show.
                      The band existed around 83-84', and the only known recording is their
                      1984 CBGB's set which is available on You Tube, and is edited here 
                      into audio by yours truley.
                      This stuff totally blows me away !
                      Raw, fast and aggressive like Antidote and others from the early days,
                      mixed with some guitar licks that could definitely remind you of Cro-Mags.
                      Great find from the early 80's, definite surprise for those who love New
                      York HC !!!!!

                      01 Untitled
                      02 Untitled
                      03 False Identity Intro
                      04 False Identity
                      05 Untitled
                      06 Untitled
                      07 Untitled

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