Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Haruka - Sanpaku (2013) San Diego

                         I really liked this bands first release, their Self Titled ep from
                         last year. Well, they have gotten better since last year ! This
                         newer release is absolutely epic !!!!! Very very impressed
                         with this release, they are all over the place on this one ! An
                         awesome mix of hardcore/crust/trip/powerviolence/rock n'
                         roll, and just pure adrenalin infused mayhem, this one is
                         genious in my opinion !!!!! I highly recommend Haruka,
                         they rule !!!!!

                        01 Kaze
                        02 Night Walk
                        03 Focus
                        04 Black
                        05 Words
                        06 Wait
                        07 Pebble (Instrumental)
                        08 Net
                        09 Sanpaku
                        10 Black Spots
                        11 Aware
                        12 Wall
                        13 Still
                        14 Ghost
                        15 Haze


SXGXS (Sick/Gore/Suffer) - Self Titled (2013) Czech Republic

                             Newer band from Czech Republic. Don't know too much about
                             this band, but they are really good !!!!! I definitely recommend
                             grabbing this one !!!!!

                            01 Children of Oil Industry
                            02 Name of This Time
                            03 Famine
                            04 There's no Remorse Only Cruelty
                            05 Czech Speed
                            06 Rat
                            07 Vomit of Mind
                            08 World Full of Death
                            09 Industrial Ghetto (In Disgust)


Vjölenza - Los Hombre De Guadalajara Demo (2013) Belem, Brasil

                       My friend Mr. Allen Fastcore from
                       got me interested in this newer band from the northern regions of Brasil.
                       These guys impressed the hell out of me when first I heard em' ! A mix
                       of hardcore/grind/crossover/fastcore, this Demo rips from start to finish !
                       Extremely creative and utterly atomic, they are definitely brilliant and
                       experienced musicians, much respect to Vjolenza !!!!!

                       01 Entulho
                       02 Sócioapatia
                       03 Nó De Macarrão
                       04 Quero Mostrar Que Sou Doidão
                       05 Matando A Fome Com Café
                       06 Eleitos Pra Roubar
                       07 Vjölenza
                       08 Belém Rasta-Punk-Crew
                       09 Pau No Cu
                       10 O Rei Da Avenida
                       11 Lágrimas De Merda
                       12 Alice No País De Merda
                       13 Não Me Importo