Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Forced Opinion - Life In Fear (2013) Cincinnati

                                   Here's a newer band from Cincinatti that got my attention
                                   quickly ! Raging killer powerviolence from the depths of
                                   Ohio !!!!! Awesome new release ! Not sure if they put out
                                   a Demo, but I can't wait to hear more of these guys ! If
                                   you are a fan of PV/fastcore, this is a definite must !!!!!

                                   01 Cut The Chord
                                   02 Rope Dog
                                   03 Bullshit Advice
                                   04 Pissing On Blue
                                   05 I Tried
                                   06 Copping Out
                                   07 Living In Fear
                                   08 Time and Energy


Friday, August 23, 2013

Haka - Live @ Mousetrap, Chicago-Ill. 7-20-2012 (Chicago)

Haka rules !
Read the last post !
Enough said !
Please support the almighty Chicago Hardcore scene,
one of the best scenes in the U.S. !

01 End Judgement
02 War On The Streets
03 Depressed
04 Innocence
05 Quarrel
06 Intro - Bully
07 Misery
08 The Pits
09 Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)

Haka - Live @ WMUC Dining Hall, College Park-Maryland 12-4-2012

                                Alright, after some technical difficulties and some personal
                                issues, we are back in business ! The next 2 posts are Live
                                Haka sets from 2012. I posted their Tour tape a couple weeks
                                ago, and i've gotten very good feedback from people about these
                                dudes ! Also recieved a message from Haka with praise of my blog,
                                which was very cool also ! Christian from Haka also sent me
                                all the Live info, making it that much easier to edit their tunes !
                                Grab this download and the next to come, for Haka is a force to
                                be reckoned with !!!!!

                                01 False Hope
                                02 Depressed
                                03 Alone
                                04 Quarrel
                                05 End Judgement
                                06 Doubted
                                07 Stand
                                08 The Pits
                                09 Innocence


Unholy Grave + Nausea - No Emperor split 7'' (2005) Japan-U.S.

                             This one was sent to me by my good bud Ganja Grinder from
                             Slovenia, a true Unholy Grave fan & a serious grinding maniac !
                             Released in 2005, but not sure when it was actually recorded, this
                             is a testament to awesome grind/thrash ! Bolt yourself to the ground
                             before you attempt to push play on this ep !!!!! :)

                             01 Unholy Grave - Insane World
                             02 Unholy Grave - Scum of Arrogance
                             03 Unholy Grave - Products For Sale
                             04 Unholy Grave - Terror and Tears
                             05 Unholy Grave - After The Blast
                             06 Nausea - Condemn Big Business
                             07 Nausea - Freedom of Religion


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Haka - Summer 2013 Tour Tape (2013) Chicago

                                      One of my favorite newer bands hailing from Chicago !
                                      Really don't know much about these guys, accept they
                                      put out a killer Demo last year ! Their was rumor of an
                                      LP, but nothing else has been released by the band until
                                      now. This is a Tour tape that is brand new, so i'm
                                      assuming they are Touring somewhere this summer.
                                      Hopefully their is a new release in the works, but in the
                                      mean time, this tape freakin' seriously rules !!!!!
                                      No nonsense angry fast hardcore, with shades of ripping
                                      old 80's HC mixed in. This and the new Snob - Demo
                                      (members of Koszmar, Violent Restitution, and Total War),
                                      are two of my favorite releases so far this year !
                                      Look out for Haka, they might be coming to a town near
                                      you soon !!!!!

                                      01 Lifeless
                                      02 Word On The Streets
                                      03 End Judgement
                                      04 Stand
                                      05 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (The Ramones)
                                      06 Modern Problems (Negative FX)


Always Never Fun - Live @ Rocket Bar, Palermo-Italy 1-4-2013 (Sicily, Italy)

                                New band with my good friend Salvo from the band Elopram,
                                and also members of the great F.U.G. ! Hopefully they will have a
                                Demo sometime soon ! Awesome fastcore/powerviolence from
                                the streets of Palermo ! No track listing yet, hoping they
                                will unleash their fury on us all as soon as possible, cause
                                they rule !!!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paranoid Minds - Live @ Casa Fiesta, D.C. 7-6-2013 (first show)

                           New band from D.C., with my bud Ryan from Frantic Onslaught,
                           and Warbound on vocals. Also containing members of the new
                           and great Thick Skin, definitely check them out as well !
                           This is their very first show, Demo will be coming soon !
                           I highly recommend Paranoid Minds, so keep an eye out,
                           Demo and more shows to come !