Sunday, December 14, 2014

Remasters Series #2 ! Next 9 posts are remastered classics, done by my good friend Pat/Hatefilled from Holland !

Fit For Abuse - Mindless Violence 7'' (1996) Massachusets

                  Last in our Remasters #2 Series is Fit For Abuse.

                      F.F.A. got started in the winter of ’95. Inspired by the likes of Negative FX, 
                      Poison Idea, Gang Green and Negative Approach, Fit For Abuse released 
                      their debut 7” “Mindless Violence” on crust records in ’97. After releasing 
                      the EP, singer Matt Kelly joined the Dropkick Murphys as their drummer 
                      and decided to leave F.F.A. because of his nonstop touring schedule.

                  Paragraph above is from, as I don't know alot about Fit For
                  I've know about this band since they came out, just don't have much
                  information on their background.
                  But needless to say, ripping classic ep from the 90's !!!!!
                  More classic killer remasters to come ! 
                  Keep an eye out for Remasters #3 Series coming soon !!!!!

                     01 Prefabricated
                     02 Dropout
                     03 World In Panic
                     04 The Other White Meat
                     05 Tough Guy
                     06 Power Corrupts
                     07 O.A.B.
                     08 One-Way Valve
                     09 Fit For Abuse
                     10 No Sympathy
                     11 I Hate Myself
                     12 Leech In My Side


Cardiac Arrest - Life's A Dead End 7'' (2006) St. Louis, Missouri

                      One of my absolute favorite bands from the Midwest, Cardiac Arrest !
                      These cats have been ripping up the pavement since the early 2000's
                      with their raging 80's Boston hardcore sound !
                      If you listened to this one without knowing who the band was, you
                      might think these are the lost recordings of Negative FX :)
                      These guys 100% embody the traditional old 80's fast Boston
                      sound, but with newer flares of their own.
                      I've known the singer Rob for years, great great dude !!!!!
                      Very much a part of the St. Louis scene for a long time !
                      I know bands and people from hardcore scenes all over the world,
                      and Rob is definitely one of the coolest !!!!!
                      Anyway, this one is a total classic !!!!! Definitely grab this one, sound
                      has been improved from the original rip.

                      01 Fool Me Once
                      02 Old New
                      03 What's Up
                      04 Going Nowhere
                      05 Daily Dose
                      06 End Of The Line


Pink Eye - Worldwide Columbine 12'' (2006) Canada

                         I'm gonna use a review for this post, it explains much better than
                         me today :) This one has been remastered in all it's glory !
                           12" EP from this short-lived project featuring Damian "Pink Eyes" 
                            Abraham from F***ed Up on vocals. When this hit the streets it felt 
                            like it was largely in line with the early F***ed Up material, but listening 
                            back to this a few years later I feel like there's a distinct crossover vibe. 
                            It reminds me quite a bit of the Accüsed or Dealing with It-era DRI, but 
                            with Abraham's trademark vocals. In other words, it's tough, metallic, 
                            mega-fast but still insanely catchy and punk. 
                                                                                                    Slasher Records
                       I'm not going to write the tracklist on this one, one if the songs is a bit
                       controversial, and I don't want to create any bad vibes.
                       Great ep ! Originally came out as a Self Titled 7'', was later repressed
                       and retitled on 12''.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Providence/Free At Last - Youth Crew 98 split 7'' (1998) Germany

                        This split comes from Germany, late 90's.
                        Hailing from Bremen Germany, Providence was an old school youth
                        crew band that existed from 1996-1999. Don't know much about em,
                        and not sure if they had any other releases, but they definitely shred !!!!!
                        The other band on this split, also a band I know little about, Free At Last
                        were around from 95-98'. These guys were from the city of Aurich
                        Germany, with similar old school stylings.
                        Really solid bands, wish I new more about em, but I do know they
                        kick some serious ass !!!!!

                        01 Providence - Authority
                        02 Providence - Just A Phase
                        03 Providence - Won’t Be A Part
                        04 Free At Last - It's Done
                        05 Free At Last - Division
                        06 Free At Last - Together
                        07 Free At Last - Forever


Vacant State - State Of Confusion ep (2009) Vancouver, Canada

                    Alright, Pat was inspired to clean up their first EP as well, haha,
                    very cool !!!!!
                    Read the post before this one, explains a little about the band.
                    Anyway, no need to say more on this one, just download and
                    enjoy !!!!!

                    01 Tight Grip
                    02 Bleak
                    03 Give Up
                    04 State Of Confusion

Vacant State - Internal Conflict ep (2010) Vancouver, Canada

                           #4 in this second remaster series is Vacant State from Vancouver
                           Loved these guys since their first ep ! Raging Boston style HC, with
                           Punk and Oi elements at times, these dudes know where it's at !
                           Everything they put out is classic, fantastic band !!!!!
                           This one is from 2010, a must !

                           01 O.C.D.
                           02 What Right ?
                           03 No Say
                           04 Vile
                           05 Internal Conflict


Insurance Risk - No Pity ep (2002) Norway

                     Ok, #3 in this series is the second ep by Insurance Risk, the first one
                     was remastered in the first series, scroll down for How Much More ep.
                     One of my favorites from Norway !
                     Insurance Risk were fast and in your face Boston style 80's hardcore,
                     ex-members of Onward and Washington Disease, who I also highly
                     recommend !
                     Washington Disease started in the early 90's, and I posted them on
                     this blog a couple years back. Onward was formed in the mid 90's,
                     pure fast ripping straight edge, absolutely stellar band !
                     But we are gathered here today for Insurance Risk, and I pay homage
                     to them with this remaster !
                     In 2009, they released Violence In Our Minds lp on Crucial Response
                     Records, which is all their material remastered.
                     This rip was taken from the 7'', and cleaned up from it's original state.
                     Again, these guys are one of my favorites from Norway, and in the
                     Boston style of HC !
                     All hail Insurance Risk !!!!!

                     01 The Hammer
                     02 I Want More
                     03 No Pity
                     04 Speak Our Minds
                     05 No Limit In Sight
                     06 Life Of Pain
                     07 Turned Your Backs
                     08 Payback Time
                     09 Broken Hearts
                     10 The Punisher

Shipwrecked - Demo Cassette (2004) Norway

                       Next in our Remasters series is the almighty Shipwrecked from Norway !
                       Born out of the ashes of the spectacular entity known as Insurance Risk,
                       these guys came out on the scene with a bang !
                       This Demo, Arctic Nights ep, and final recording came out back in 2012
                       as The Last Pagans lp on Crucial Response Records. Those first 2
                       releases were remastered for the lp, but this remaster comes straight
                       from the cassette rip. This rip has been floating around since the Demo
                       came out, and is now definitely with good improved sound !
                       Check it out, total classic in the vein of fast US hardcore ala Boston,
                       I present to you Shipwrecked !

                       01 Intro
                       02 Pearls and Pigs
                       03 Challenge Time
                       04 Abomination
                       05 Coward
                       06 Keyboard Avenger


Commitment Crew - Hisingen 7'' (2007) Sweden

                         Alright, hold on tight, Remasters Series #2 is here !
                         My good bud Pat/Hatefilled from Holland is continuously working
                         hard on fixing sound on digital rips of a ton of the classics that all of
                         the real hardcore punks out there know about and love !
                         Most of the stuff he's been remastering lately are classics from the last
                         15 years, but he's digging into some of the old 80's stuff as well, so
                         could be some future surprises to come ! :)
                         Anyhow, this classic is from 2007, from Göteborg, Sweden.
                         Commitment Crew sound ranged from U.S. Boston hardcore scene, 
                         to classic Oi sounding Punk.
                         Carrying on the tradition of old US hardcore style, Commitment Crew
                         were a great band that people will remember for a long time to come !

                               01 B-Garden Boys
                               02 No Justice
                               03 What's The Fuss
                               04 Smuggler
                               05 Roots
                               06 Wrecked
                               07 Winter's Coming