Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shipwrecked - Demo Cassette (2004) Norway

                       Next in our Remasters series is the almighty Shipwrecked from Norway !
                       Born out of the ashes of the spectacular entity known as Insurance Risk,
                       these guys came out on the scene with a bang !
                       This Demo, Arctic Nights ep, and final recording came out back in 2012
                       as The Last Pagans lp on Crucial Response Records. Those first 2
                       releases were remastered for the lp, but this remaster comes straight
                       from the cassette rip. This rip has been floating around since the Demo
                       came out, and is now definitely with good improved sound !
                       Check it out, total classic in the vein of fast US hardcore ala Boston,
                       I present to you Shipwrecked !

                       01 Intro
                       02 Pearls and Pigs
                       03 Challenge Time
                       04 Abomination
                       05 Coward
                       06 Keyboard Avenger


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