Saturday, December 13, 2014

Providence/Free At Last - Youth Crew 98 split 7'' (1998) Germany

                        This split comes from Germany, late 90's.
                        Hailing from Bremen Germany, Providence was an old school youth
                        crew band that existed from 1996-1999. Don't know much about em,
                        and not sure if they had any other releases, but they definitely shred !!!!!
                        The other band on this split, also a band I know little about, Free At Last
                        were around from 95-98'. These guys were from the city of Aurich
                        Germany, with similar old school stylings.
                        Really solid bands, wish I new more about em, but I do know they
                        kick some serious ass !!!!!

                        01 Providence - Authority
                        02 Providence - Just A Phase
                        03 Providence - Won’t Be A Part
                        04 Free At Last - It's Done
                        05 Free At Last - Division
                        06 Free At Last - Together
                        07 Free At Last - Forever



  1. i got the split when i played with one of my older bands "the dead" in the g18 in bremen at the first highscore show hehe.

    1. Ah, haha, killer !
      Highscore a definitely favorite of mine ! I used to talk to guitar player of Highscore, they almost Toured in US, but unfortunately never happened.
      Cool man, yeah, this split is really good ! My friend from Holland sent to me in remastered form.


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