Thursday, January 28, 2016

Charogne Stone - Basic Core Instinct LP (2014) France

                          Always loved these guys since they first started out !
                          Epic killer powerviolence/fastcore/grind styles from France !
                          They released this one in 2014, must have missed it.
                          I just found it about a week ago, never realized they released
                          this LP :)
                          This thing rules, grab it !!!!!

                          01 La Chaise
                          02 On Va Revenir
                          03 Petit Soldat
                          04 Kamikaze
                          05 En Laisse
                          06 Comédien
                          07 Punition
                          08 Baise En Ville
                          09 Métro - Manchot - Merco
                          10 Le Gars Qui Recoud
                          11 Lait Au Shit
                          12 Les Souris Blanches
                          13 Dans Le Canal
                          14 Froc


Harhaa (Zach from Kremlin, 1 man band) Toronto, Canada

                  I originally posted Demo 2 back on July 24th 2012, which I made
                  a small mistake in editing.
                  None the less, here are both Demos with correct edits. Both Demos
                  were slightly difficult to track down, just recently found the first Demo
                  a few weeks ago.
                  Here is part of the post I wrote in 2012:
                 ''This Demo comes out of Toronto Canada, 1 man Scandanavian
                   onslaught ! This is a 1 man project by Zach from Kremlin. A friend 
                   of mine told me about this project after he read the latest Max R n' R.
                   I found a recording of this on an Equalizing Distortion set from late June.''

                  So here are both Demos, first one titled Future Disorder. Both came out on
                  cassette, but in very limited run. You are a lucky bastard if you own the actual
                  tapes ! :)

                                                     Future Disorder Cassette

                                                                01 Instrumental
                                                                02 Taste For Death
                                                                03 Past offense
                                                                04 Aimless Fight

Demo 2 Cassette 

    01 Delusion
                         02 Exploit To The Fullest
                                                                   03 Test
                                                                   04 Forced Insulation
                                                                   05 -


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

V.A. - War For Freedom Compilation (2012) Greece

                          Don't know a whole lot about this one. Someone sent me a link
                          to Discogs, and I found it on You Tube.
                          It's a Benefit compilation of sorts having to do with political
                          prisoners in Greece.
                          Here's the info from Discogs:
                          "DIY benefit compilation for political prisoners - a collective effort 
                           of squater punks of northern Greece. 
                           Distributed by autonomous libertarian collectivities and political 
                           Anyway, I was asked to see if I could track this down by a guy
                           named Charlie from the UK, whom i've spoken with in the past
                           on Soulseek.
                           Sounds like a compilation I would support, and I do ! :)
                           Cool Punk and Hardcore from the ancient land of northern Greece,
                           I highly recommend !

                           01 Death Rattle - There, Where The Truth Kills
                           02 Moving In Margin - Last Hours
                           03 Last Century - Nights
                           04 Cut Your Throat - Toxic Epidemic Necrolipsis
                           05 Go Filth Go - State Abuse
                           06 21179 - The Last Dance of Arms
                           07 Totalalitar - Destroy This World
                           08 Satan's Rejects - Free In Prison
                           09 I Maledetti Ubriaconi - Mental Asylum
                           10 Asymmetric Threat - Ode In Adrenaline
                           11 Burn The Boredom - Staying Man
                           12 Hatefulness - Hostages State
                           13 Räjähtää - Eloonjaamisen Harhaluulo


Hey there, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !!!!! Just getting myself together here 12 days after the new year. Been busy with alot of stuff including life :) Hope everyone is doing well, I wish you all the best !!!!! On some sad notes, we've already lost a few good people in the last couple weeks. I pay my respects to these individuals who made an impact in the world ! Much respect and R.I.P.: Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), and Filip Fuchs (See You In Hell guitarist). May you all live in a better place ! On a brighter note, first post of the year is up, get some Merda !!!!! :) Many many more posts to come !!!!!

Merda - Greatest Shits Vol. 1 Cassette (2014) brazil

                        One of Brazil's finest !
                        These guys have been around since the start of the millennium and
                        continue to crank out the tunes !
                        Their sound started as fast hardcore, and now has kind of slowed down
                        over the years. Although I prefer the fast stuff, their newer splits
                        have taken a more Punk tone.
                        This one came out last year, cassette compilation of songs from
                        different releases over the years.
                        Fun thrashing hardcore, I definitely recommend !!!!!

                        01 Satan's Barbie
                        02 ESPNSC
                        03 Eu Menti Pra Voce Durante Toda Minha Vida
                        04 Garfo Do Capeta
                        05 E.M.O. (Eu Me Odeio)
                        06 Fuck Fake Pc's
                        07 Pelo Direito De Portar Armas De Brinquedo
                        08 Muito Mais Pecado, Menos Religiao
                        09 Xaninho
                        10 Garota Loca
                        11 Merda Core Munster Band
                        12 My Dream Was Being A Monster
                        13 Motherfucker Redneck
                        14 Faster Girl
                        15 Okay
                        16 Cozinha Libertina
                        17 Kusotare
                        18 Crise Dos 30
                        19 Francisco
                        20 Esquistossomose
                        21 Ingua
                        22 Ser Humano Inutil E Burro
                        23 Eu Nunca Andei De Skate
                        24 Maradona
                        25 Xumaiker
                        26 Choripan
                        27 Change My Way
                        28 Indio Cocalero
                        29 Bullying Yourself