Monday, November 26, 2012

Fejlfix - Live Tape (2012) Denmark

   Here's one from one of Denmark's finest, Fejlfix ! These guys
                         began a couple years ago, and started with a great great first
                         release, a 7'' called Langsom Dod ! Very impressive 80's
                         hardcore sound mixed with modern elements. These Danes
                         play fast and to the point hardcore that rivals some of the
                         best bands Scandanavian bands today ! I really love this band !!!!!
                         Also check out their new 7'', you wont be disappointed !

                            01 Jeg Har En Angst Som Aldrig For
                            02 Tvivl I Dit Sind
                            03 Alle Ma Do!
                            04 Mareridt
                            05 Ensom Blandt Mennesker
                            06 Sort Samvittighed
                            07 I Gar
                            08 Ude Af Mig Selv
                            09 Spildt Liv
                            10 Nej
                            11 Langsom Dod
                            12 Den Endelose Ende
                            (1-12 Live @ OCCII, Amsterdam-Holland 10-22-2011)
                            13 Intro
                            14 Fejlfix
                            15 Mareridt
                            16 Alle Ma Do!
                            17 I Gar
                            18 Hvad Sker Der
                            19 Logn
                            20 Flugt
                            21 Last Inde
                            22 Uniform
                            23 I Dag - Blow Your Brains Out
                            (13-23 Live @ Distorted Picnic, Aarhus, Denmark 07-31-2010)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sick Rats - Life During Wartime, KBOO Radio, Portland-Or. 9-19-2012

                         Here's a newer band hailing from Portland. Sick Rats are made
                         up of members of Organized Sports, Total Wreck and Sweet Tooth,
                         with female fronted vocals. Don't know alot about these guys, except
                         Eric from Sweet Tooth is on drums. Really good band, with a
                         more dark punk feeling mixed with some aggressive up beat
                         Punk sounds. I really dig the guitar, very cool dark and creative
                         licks ! Their music has kind of an 80's feel to it, Punk & Post Punk
                         mixed with elements of hardcore. Really damn good band ! They
                         have not released any recordings of yet, but hopefully we'll see and
                         hear a Demo from these guys soon !

                         No Track List (if someone from the band downloads this, can you
                         send me a track list ?)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Word On The Street - Live @ Shake It Dance Studio, Halifax-Nova Scotia 4-21-2012

                        Word On The Street have been around a couple years now, featuring
                        members of Envision, Negative Circles, Negative Rage, and newly
                        added member Ian from Risky Business/Envision. I've known Cody
                        and Ian for a while now, very cool dudes, always keeping the music
                        scene alive up in Nova Scotia ! They recently played the Not Dead
                        Yet Fest, which featured lots of killer bands ! These guys offer up
                        awesome raging hardcore, with a healthy Straight Ahead worship !
                        If you get a chance to see these guys, definitely check em out !
                        From the great white north's-eastern front, I give you the ripping
                        stylings of Word On The Street !!!!! These guys rule !!!!!


                                                01 Get A Clue
                                                02 Straight Ahead (Straight Ahead)
                                                03 Rise To The Challenge
                                                04 Cut To The Chase
                                                05 The Regulator (Bad Brains)
                                                06 H.R.M. Mayhem
                                                07 Steppin' Out of Line
                                                08 Freedom of Choice
                                                09 Know-It-All
                                                10 I Don't Care About You (Fear)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ghost of CHC Past (aka-Kontaminat) - Clitfest Benefit Cover Set @ Township, Chicago 11-2-2012

My friend Pat from Kontaminat sent me this set recently. Cover's set
of infamous Chicago bands that these guys were previously in. Bands that 
alot of people should recognize, such as: Los Crudos, Chronic Seizure,
Sin Orden, Rat Bastards, and more... They have a 7'' coming out,
or might already be out, on Lengua Armada Records. This set rules,
great covers by some killer bands !!!!! If you live in Chicago and have 
the chance to see these guys, I highly recommend you do !!!!! Hopefully 
we'll hear some new stuff from these guys real soon !!!!!

01 Brain Sick (Chronic Seizure)
02 Sin Orden (Sin Orden)
03 Asesinos (Los Crudos)
04 Se Ve En Tu Cara (Los Crudos)
05 Cipayos, Traidores y Vendidos (Los Crudos)
06 KGB (No Slogan)
07 Impeach Bush (Sin Orden)
08 Sniper (I Attack)
09 Sk8 City Riot (I Attack)
10 Violent Opposition (Chronic Seizure)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Abrade - Homage cassette (2008) Chicago

Originally posted August 11, 2011

Abrade from Chicago have been around since about 2005 or 2006. They play
fastcore/PV/grind style, and I hear they are ferocious Live ! I met Keith
from Abrade on the music program i'm on, he sent me the tracklist so I could
split this cassette. Looking for the actual tape cover for Homage, this pic is
not it.

01 42%
02 Freebase
03 Parade
04 Stagnance
05 Axis of Inertia
06 Nosebleeds
07 Submerged
08 Desaturate
09 Here We Go
10 Incorporated