Monday, November 26, 2012

Fejlfix - Live Tape (2012) Denmark

   Here's one from one of Denmark's finest, Fejlfix ! These guys
                         began a couple years ago, and started with a great great first
                         release, a 7'' called Langsom Dod ! Very impressive 80's
                         hardcore sound mixed with modern elements. These Danes
                         play fast and to the point hardcore that rivals some of the
                         best bands Scandanavian bands today ! I really love this band !!!!!
                         Also check out their new 7'', you wont be disappointed !

                            01 Jeg Har En Angst Som Aldrig For
                            02 Tvivl I Dit Sind
                            03 Alle Ma Do!
                            04 Mareridt
                            05 Ensom Blandt Mennesker
                            06 Sort Samvittighed
                            07 I Gar
                            08 Ude Af Mig Selv
                            09 Spildt Liv
                            10 Nej
                            11 Langsom Dod
                            12 Den Endelose Ende
                            (1-12 Live @ OCCII, Amsterdam-Holland 10-22-2011)
                            13 Intro
                            14 Fejlfix
                            15 Mareridt
                            16 Alle Ma Do!
                            17 I Gar
                            18 Hvad Sker Der
                            19 Logn
                            20 Flugt
                            21 Last Inde
                            22 Uniform
                            23 I Dag - Blow Your Brains Out
                            (13-23 Live @ Distorted Picnic, Aarhus, Denmark 07-31-2010)



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