Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sick Rats - Life During Wartime, KBOO Radio, Portland-Or. 9-19-2012

                         Here's a newer band hailing from Portland. Sick Rats are made
                         up of members of Organized Sports, Total Wreck and Sweet Tooth,
                         with female fronted vocals. Don't know alot about these guys, except
                         Eric from Sweet Tooth is on drums. Really good band, with a
                         more dark punk feeling mixed with some aggressive up beat
                         Punk sounds. I really dig the guitar, very cool dark and creative
                         licks ! Their music has kind of an 80's feel to it, Punk & Post Punk
                         mixed with elements of hardcore. Really damn good band ! They
                         have not released any recordings of yet, but hopefully we'll see and
                         hear a Demo from these guys soon !

                         No Track List (if someone from the band downloads this, can you
                         send me a track list ?)


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  1. thanks for this, agreed great stuff,

    really like these Life During Wartime sessions

    (+ cheers for the comment)