Friday, November 16, 2012

Word On The Street - Live @ Shake It Dance Studio, Halifax-Nova Scotia 4-21-2012

                        Word On The Street have been around a couple years now, featuring
                        members of Envision, Negative Circles, Negative Rage, and newly
                        added member Ian from Risky Business/Envision. I've known Cody
                        and Ian for a while now, very cool dudes, always keeping the music
                        scene alive up in Nova Scotia ! They recently played the Not Dead
                        Yet Fest, which featured lots of killer bands ! These guys offer up
                        awesome raging hardcore, with a healthy Straight Ahead worship !
                        If you get a chance to see these guys, definitely check em out !
                        From the great white north's-eastern front, I give you the ripping
                        stylings of Word On The Street !!!!! These guys rule !!!!!


                                                01 Get A Clue
                                                02 Straight Ahead (Straight Ahead)
                                                03 Rise To The Challenge
                                                04 Cut To The Chase
                                                05 The Regulator (Bad Brains)
                                                06 H.R.M. Mayhem
                                                07 Steppin' Out of Line
                                                08 Freedom of Choice
                                                09 Know-It-All
                                                10 I Don't Care About You (Fear)


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