Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warboy - Futile Living cassette (1983) Portland, Oregon

                           This killer rare tape I got from Vinyl Fetish Records in Hollywood
way back in 83'. This band, who only released this one recording,
hailed from Portland. Featuring members of Lockjaw
and Sado Nation, Warboy was a definite classic powerhouse band
to remember, and add to your collection. My nephew, Mr. Cheesemanboat
and I ripped this gem, as well as the Stetz - Demo, and various old
Maximum Rock n' Roll radio tapes. On the inner cover, it says
it was recorded in South Africa, which was just to be humorous :)
Mike from Stress Domain Records, was able to get permission from one
of the dudes in the band a few years back, to add Warboy to his Sick of Fun
Compilation, which I provided the track for. Warboy was an awesome
and ripping band, unfortunately they never recorded again, but this one
will live on through the ages !!!!!

                                                            01 Law Enforcer
02 Better Beware
03 Blood of 1000's
04 Authority Wins Again
05 So You're An Anarchist
06 Look At You
07 I'm Bored
08 I'll Do Anything
09 Land of The Free
10 After The War
11 Cross of Bigotry

Re-uped 7-13-2017


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Other Women - Demo Cassette (2011) Chicago

Got this one from Gen from Ruido. Came as 1 track, was
fortunate to find a tracklist and cover art. This newer band hails
from Chicago, and features members of Regrets, who put out
the 7'' Hope Floats and So Does Shit. Regrets was cool, but
Other Women is much better in my opinion. Raging out
with a slow distorted and angry dark powerviolent sound,
this band has definitely grabbed me by the ears ! There are
a couple of fast ragers as well ! This new band has some
serious potential, hopefully we'll hear and see more of them
in the near future !

01 Circle The Drain
02 No Drums, No Trumpets
03 Richard III
04 Naked and Gnawing
05 Delete Key
06 Six White Horses
07 Power Drunk

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crossed Out - Live Bootleg 10'' (1996) SoCal

Found this old Live Boot on Raw Grind Chaos Core blog a
couple of days ago. It was ripped as 2 tracks, Side A and Side B.
Fortunately it came with a track list, but the tracklist was not
totally accurate. Not listed on the track list is the song Scapegoat,
and the last 2 songs Selfish Achiever & Advice are not actually
on the album. Side B was either not completely ripped, or last 2
songs were mistakenly listed. Anyhow, enough technical talk !
Straight from the 90's, in the haze of the powerviolence craze,
here are one of the almighty PV gods, ladies and gentlemen, I give
you Crossed Out !!!!!

01 Ulcer
02 Neglect
03 Lowlife
04 Self Serve
05 Pure Delusion
06 Society
07 Internal
08 Nightstalker (Impact Unit)
09 Crown of Thorns
10 Supremacy
11 Scapegoat
12 Vacuum
13 Practiced Hatred
14 Letch
15 Never Forget
16 Suicide of The Species

Monday, March 12, 2012

Infest - Live @ Fraternal Order of The Eagles, Garden Grove-Ca. 2-4-1989 (SoCal)

                    Got this gem from my friend Gen from the band Ruido. Gen snagged
it from this new Infest blog,
which explains that Brian from Dropdead ripped it from a tape
that was given to him by Matt (Infest). It happened to be on the B
side of a Demo tape, and was posted as 1 track from the above mentioned
Infest blog. Thanks to my good friend Dave in the UK, who actually
tracked down a flyer for this totally stellar historic late 80's show ! If I could
track down more Live sets from this show it would be insanely cool !
But I am more than stoked just to have the Infest set alone !
Raging hardcore from the infamous kings of fastcore/pv, Infest !!!!!

                                                                    01 Them
02 Pickled
03 Mindless
04 Which Side
05 Voice Your Opinion
06 Sick-o
07 Machismo
08 Head First
09 Break The Chain
10 The Game
11 Instrumental
12 Where's The Unity
13 Slave
14 Sick and Tired


Suffer - Raw Violent Assault cassette (2011) Australia

Here is another release by the noise thrashing warriors from
down under. This one was released as a Tour tape late in 2011.
It has 5 newer tracks, and a couple of covers. I found this
floating around the net as 1 track, and split it. Considering I
haven't posted anything in a while, I thought it was definitely
about time ! With vocals reminiscent of a seriously pissed off
Chewbaka, and the band that brought you Lone and Blood
Wars, comes more awesome raging noise-filled
hardcore !!!!!

01 Capsized
02 Streamlined
03 Inside
04 Where
05 Binned
06 Down My Throat (Disrupt)
07 Pessimistic View (Rupture)