Monday, March 12, 2012

Infest - Live @ Fraternal Order of The Eagles, Garden Grove-Ca. 2-4-1989 (SoCal)

                    Got this gem from my friend Gen from the band Ruido. Gen snagged
it from this new Infest blog,
which explains that Brian from Dropdead ripped it from a tape
that was given to him by Matt (Infest). It happened to be on the B
side of a Demo tape, and was posted as 1 track from the above mentioned
Infest blog. Thanks to my good friend Dave in the UK, who actually
tracked down a flyer for this totally stellar historic late 80's show ! If I could
track down more Live sets from this show it would be insanely cool !
But I am more than stoked just to have the Infest set alone !
Raging hardcore from the infamous kings of fastcore/pv, Infest !!!!!

                                                                    01 Them
02 Pickled
03 Mindless
04 Which Side
05 Voice Your Opinion
06 Sick-o
07 Machismo
08 Head First
09 Break The Chain
10 The Game
11 Instrumental
12 Where's The Unity
13 Slave
14 Sick and Tired



  1. hey did you track and label this set? i was planning to add it to the infest blog and came across it here. it was originally uploaded a few weeks ago as 1 track. if you tracked it i'll link this blog in the post.

  2. I did track and label this one, if you read the blog description, that's what this blog is all about. Got it from Gen from Ruido, who might have gotten it from a blog.

    1. put up a link on the blog. you should do the same and link the dropdead facebook page since the drummer ripped it off his demo originally.

    2. also heres the VD set from that show