Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D.S.-13 - Practice Session, August 1997 (Sweden)

Here's one that Mr. Old Fast & Loud told me about, it was on
a blog I can't remember the name of at the moment. It was on
the blog as 1 track, and luckily came with a tracklist, which
made it alot easier to split. Old Fast & Loud blog will be
posting this plus the L.A. set I edited, but the versions he
puts up will be cleaned up a bit more, and will be in CD-R

01 Intro - Get Away
02 Fukk The Cops
03 Society Scandal
04 Fukked Up System
05 Degenerated Generation
06 My Revenge
07 Fukked Up On Glue
08 Nuclear Holocaust
09 Fukk Your Life
10 Big Head Small Legs
11 Lady Die
12 Suiciety Made Us
13 My Life My Rules
14 I Hate You
15 D.S.-13
16 I Hate Silverchair
17 Instrumental

Link reposted 4-5-2017