Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cokskar + Sloven - split cassette (2009) Minneapolis, Minnesota

I found a Demo of Cokskar a couple years ago, was very impressed !
Just recently saw they have a blog, and grabbed this split from there.
It came as 2 tracks, and I couldn't resist splitting them. For anyone
who loves good fastcore/pv/grind style, you will love this one ! I had
never heard of Sloven before this split, but they definitly deserve some
praise as well, suprisingly great stuff ! Both bands hailing from
Minneapolis, Minnesota, and both unleash serious rage and fury
on this masterpiece of excellence ! Cokskar features a female
vocalist who rips your face off with a ferocious force of adrenalin
infused onslaught ! Like a succubus from hell, she draws you in
with an ultra-magnetic voice ! She could have my soul any day !
I love this band !!!!!

01 Cokskar - Yahoo
02 Cokskar - Slumlord
03 Cokskar - B.Y.O.J.
04 Cokskar - Pandemic
05 Cokskar - Cokskarrer
06 Cokskar - Stupid Baby - Cokeskar
07 Cokskar - Fuck You, Cool Dude
08 Sloven - Trivial Pursuit
09 Sloven - Shit For Thought
10 Sloven - Whatever Shit You Can Think Of
11 Sloven - Excrement
12 Sloven - Deja Vu
13 Sloven - Inhibitor
14 Sloven - 20:5-0
15 Sloven - Walls
16 Sloven - Untitlement
17 Sloven - Ice Bound

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Opinion - Suburban Nightmare 2001-2009 (Unofficial Discography) Bay Area

One of my favorite bands from the Bay Area in the last
10 or so years, Second Opinion ! Never really had a proper
last release, so I though I would dedicate this Discography
to them as a tribute ! Second Opinion started around 2001,
blasting into the scene with a powerful fast 80's hardcore
sound ! They were fast, tight & ferocious Live, as well as on
studio recordings ! They ripped up stages, and marched
forward with voracity til their demise around 2009.
Members from Second Opinion later on teamed up with
dudes from Suburban Death Camp to form Nightstick
Justice, who was also fucking fantastic !!!!! This is
an Unofficial Discography, my tribute to one of the best
hardcore bands ever to come out of the Bay Area, the
almighty Second Opinion !!!!!

01 Friends
02 No Cops
03 Busted Again
04 Scene Heirarchy Fuck You
05 No Control (Fucked Up Again)
06 My Disease (Time To Operate)
07 Stupid Kids
08 Get Over Yourself
09 Ignorant
10 USB
11 Fight Back
12 Your Time Is Up
13 650
14 No Mi Gusta
15 Twofaced
16 Jesus Freaks
17 Thrash
18 American Way
19 Untitled
20 Revolt
21 Lockdown
22 My Rules (Void)
23 Second Opinion
24 Thrash Up Your Ass!
25 Revolt (Live)
26 650 (Live)
27 Ready To Fight (Negative Approach) (Live)
28 USB (Live)
29 Your Time Is Up (Live)

Reposted 12/8/2018

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Insanity Defense - Live @ Love Hall, Philadelphia-Pa. 12-16-1983 (New York)

                                    Here is a set I recieved as 1 track from Mr. Old Fast & Loud.
                                Insanity Defense was an awesome hardcore band from early 80's,
                                they hailed from Long Island. They played fast and raw hardcore
                                like alot of the great early NY bands. They lasted til around 85',
                                some of the members went on to form Satan's Cheerleaders, who
                                were also an epic NY band ! Anyhow, here you go, Live from
                                Philly !!!!!

                                                    01 Flash, Metal, and Glass
                                                    02 Raised For The Slaughter
                                                    03 Slow Motion
                                                    04 Let's See Action
                                                    05 Live Free Or Die
                                                    06 Betrayed
                                                    07 U.S. Mess
                                                    08 No Excuse
                                                    09 Scapegoat
                                                    10 Retaliate
                                                    11 Treason
                                                    12 Beg For Mercy
                                                    13 Grudge Against The World
                                                    14 Truth Or Consequences
                                                    15 Pilgrim State
                                                    16 I'm Waiting
                                                    17 U.S. Mess (encore)