Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Opinion - Suburban Nightmare 2001-2009 (Unofficial Discography) Bay Area

One of my favorite bands from the Bay Area in the last
10 or so years, Second Opinion ! Never really had a proper
last release, so I though I would dedicate this Discography
to them as a tribute ! Second Opinion started around 2001,
blasting into the scene with a powerful fast 80's hardcore
sound ! They were fast, tight & ferocious Live, as well as on
studio recordings ! They ripped up stages, and marched
forward with voracity til their demise around 2009.
Members from Second Opinion later on teamed up with
dudes from Suburban Death Camp to form Nightstick
Justice, who was also fucking fantastic !!!!! This is
an Unofficial Discography, my tribute to one of the best
hardcore bands ever to come out of the Bay Area, the
almighty Second Opinion !!!!!

01 Friends
02 No Cops
03 Busted Again
04 Scene Heirarchy Fuck You
05 No Control (Fucked Up Again)
06 My Disease (Time To Operate)
07 Stupid Kids
08 Get Over Yourself
09 Ignorant
10 USB
11 Fight Back
12 Your Time Is Up
13 650
14 No Mi Gusta
15 Twofaced
16 Jesus Freaks
17 Thrash
18 American Way
19 Untitled
20 Revolt
21 Lockdown
22 My Rules (Void)
23 Second Opinion
24 Thrash Up Your Ass!
25 Revolt (Live)
26 650 (Live)
27 Ready To Fight (Negative Approach) (Live)
28 USB (Live)
29 Your Time Is Up (Live)

Reposted 12/8/2018