Monday, June 29, 2015

Fugitive - Reality Master cassette (2013) Remastered (Massachusetts)

                          Second in our series is Massachusetts' Fugitive.
                          "Legendary Western Mass maniac Tony P. (SQRM) helms this
                          terrorizing hardcore hatchet job with a storm of rippers about
                          ruining your scene, how you need a job, and that government chip in
                          your head. Adding extra fuel to the flames is Ian Logan (HOAX),
                          proving he is no one-trick pony when it comes to crafting superb,
                          violent riffs. Essential!"
                          Again, I personally don't have much info on these guys, so I added
                          this other blogs description of them.
                          This one came out a couple years back.
                          Straight forward angry fast hardcore that just rules, that's about all I
                          have to say about this one !!!!!

                          01 Fugitive
                          02 Government Chips
                          03 Heads In A Guillotine
                          04 Life Is Shit
                          05 See You Talkin
                          06 The Program
                          07 Waiting For The War


Born In Hell - Demo (2003) Remastered (Boston)

Ok, it's time for Remasters Series #3 !
Defunct Boston Hardcore band featuring Chris of Stop And Think, 
Mind Eraser, Shitfit and PAINKILLER Records fame. 
Don't know too much about this band, except that pretty
much all the members went on to other great Boston bands !
Early 2000's Boston was a prime time for new and blossoming
bands. The scene was unforgettable, and unfortunately you can't 
bring that time here to the present. If I had a time machine, haha,
well you could only imagine the shows i'd go back in time for :)
But all that aside, it's time to start off a new Remasters Series
that my friend Pat and I have been working on.
So, here is the first in a series of 5 posts.
I give you Born In Hell !!!!!

01 Ready To Kill
02 War Drums
03 Strung Out
04 Who'd Have Thunk
05 You're Nothing

The Warden - S-T 7'' (2015) St. Louis

                           Raging hardcore from the midwest !!!!!
                           I suspect I might know people in this band, but not sure yet,
                           as I haven't made contact with any members yet.
                           I know a few people in the St. Louis scene including guys
                           from Cardiac Arrest & Sweet Tooth.
                           I have a feeling this band might contain members of those bands,
                           but again, not sure.
                           I'll find out soon ! :)
                           Anyway, this 7'' absolutely destroys !!!!!
                           St. Louis scene has been blazing pretty hard since bands like The
                           Breaks and Cardiac Arrest came on to the scene.
                           Don't know much about the St. Louis scene before 2000 (although
                           i've been in the hardcore scene since the dawn of time), but I
                           do know the last 15 years St. Louis has built up a solid reputation
                           for great hardcore and a ruckus crowd !
                           I've known Rob from Cardiac Arrest since the early 2000's, and
                           he is one of the driving forces behind their epic scene !!!!!
                           I freakin' love St. Louis, those bands know what's up !!!!!
                           Anyhow, hope to have more info on The Warden real soon.
                           These guys just kill it !!!!! Fantastic ep !!!!!

                           01 Cell Bars
                           02 Private Property
                           03 Copping Out
                           04 Laughing Hammers
                           05 Student Exchange
                           06 Blinders
                           07 Uprooted and Rooted
                           08 Live Round


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Deflagration Tapes Compilations

                                                         Links re-upped !

Riposte - Demo 2015 (2015) Paris, France

                      New powerviolence band from France.
                      Female fronted powerviolence that kicks ass !!!!!
                      Great new band !!!!!
                      I e-mailed them to tell em how much I like them (which got a very
                      positive response), but I need to find out more information about
                      these Parisian thrashers !
                      Highly recommended !!!!!

                      01 Distress
                      02 Forced-Feeding
                      03 Brutal Vengeance
                      04 Ruthless
                      05 Pray 4 Yerself


Rednecks + Johns Town Aloha - 45 Revolution split 7'' (2010) Japan

                        Theses 2 bands, what I do know of them is they are both relentless
                        hardcore bands that can belt out the rage !
                        Rednecks who have been around most of the 2000's play pretty
                        straight forward hardcore with some slight twists, and Johns
                        Town Aloha (who features members of Breakfast) are more
                        noisy and crazed ripping Japanese sound !
                        Both bands tear it up on this split !!!!!
                        Didn't even know this split existed til just a couple weeks ago,
                        extremely pleasant surprise !!!!!

                       01 Rednecks - 45 Revolution
                       02 Rednecks - Lose A Border
                       03 Rednecks - Yoru No Akai Hikari
                       04 Johns Town Aloha - Japanese Title 1
                       05 Johns Town Aloha - Japanese Title 2


The Sprouts - Generation From Raw Sound System CD (2010) Japan

                          Again, I don't know much about these guys, but I do know
                          they put out a 20 song 7'' back on the mid or early 2000's that
                          was crazy, fast, noisy and just freakin' fantastic !!!!!
                          This came out in 2010. Still crazy as always, but less noisy
                          and slightly more poppy sounding.
                          These guys are nuts, I love it !!!!!

                          01 Noise From Nowhere
                          02 Enter The Raw Sound Brigade
                          03 Jukebox Killers
                          04 We're Not Brussels Sprouts
                          05 Faith of Fake
                          06 Forever Seventeen
                          07 Sick of Your Styles
                          08 Killer Tunes
                          09 Desktop Suicide
                          10 No Tomorrow
                          11 Crash and Kill The Avengers
                          12 Savage Eyes
                          13 Weekend Boys From Frustration
                          14 Railroad Jerk
                          15 M.B.F.C.
                          16 Going Home To Mary Lou
                          17 Wasted Youth
                          18 Wake Up (it's Not Dead Morning)
                          19 Disc Beat Surrender
                          20 Sticky Kids
                          21 Curse of Today


Masterpeace - Destruction Imagination 7'' (2009) Japan

                           Next 3 posts are from Japan.
                           Don't know a whole lot about the Japanese scenes, but I do know
                           alot of great bands past and present are from Japan !
                           Japanese scenes definitely have some mystery to them. Releases are
                           very hard to find most of the time, and the labels are slightly
                           difficult to find and contact if you don't speak, read or write in Japanese.
                           I hear they welcome bands from all over with open arms, said
                           to be one of the best places in the world to Tour !
                           Anyway, I don't want to sound ignorant and unworldly, haha, but
                           I am :)
                           All I do know is that I love Japanese hardcore, and have quite a big
                           collection of great bands from there !
                           Masterpeace, although I don't know much about them, they definitely
                           represent the fast and crazy stylings of this grand and wonderful
                           country !

                           01 What's Your Right ? What's Your Fight ?
                           02 Destruction Imagination
                           03 Light And Shadow
                           04 The End's Beginning To Next World



You Are The Problem - Live @ Rocket Bar, Palermo-Sicily 11-22-2014 (Italy)

                            Here's a great newer band from Palermo-Sicily, Italy !
                            Made up of members of Always Never Fun (ANF) and
                            other bands, these guys are what fastcore is all about !!!!!
                            My good friend Salvo sings for You Are The Problem,
                            as well as Always Never Fun. Salvo was also in the
                            band Elopram a few years back, also a great band (i'll
                            post some Elopram very soon !) !
                            You Are The Problem also features Dario from F.U.G.
                            on drums, Kevin from Always Never Fun on guitar, and
                            Tancredi from The Limit and Close To Collapse on bass.
                            Very promising new band, Demo should be coming soon
                            I believe !
                            These guys rip it up !!!!!
                            No track list yet.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Absolut - Bloody Wars Discography cassette (2014) Toronto

                       This cassette was only available at the Not Dead Yet Festival
                       in Toronto November 2014.
                       It has the first demo and the Punk Survival MLP with one extra
                       track from the same MLP session.
                       Mix of Japanese and Swedish Raw/Punk/Noise, one of the best
                       bands in this genre !!!!!
                       Made up of members of Left For Dead and other great acts,
                       these guys are veterans.
                       Unfortunately the drummer Vassil Mester recently passed
                       away. Not sure the circumstances, but he was well known
                       and loved in the Toronto scene !
                       R.I.P. Vassil
                       This tape absolutely destroys !!!!!

                       01 No Single Tear
                       02 Dirty Grave
                       03 Insane Power
                       04 Martyr Fuck Off
                       05 No Card
                       06 Thieves In Law
                       07 Life Sketch
                       08 Black Void
                       09 Your Fraud
                       10 Lowest Common Denominator
                       11 No Limbs (Crucifix)
                       12 Tiring Planet
                       13 Neofucker
                       14 Fucking Pain
                       15 Loveless Noise
                       16 Untitled (unreleased)


Friday, June 5, 2015

Guantanamo Bay City Rollers - Alcoholocaust CD (2007) Australia

                                                         Reposted 3/29/2017

                      "Guantanamo Bay City Rollers was a booze fueled Grind n' Roll
                        band from Adelaide South Australia, featuring members from
                        Powerxchuck, Peter Brock, Iron Worzel, Stolen Youth and Nihilism.
                        Started in 2005, incorporating stoner groove riffs with Rock and
                        grindcore. They released 2 albums: Alcoholocaust 2006 and Darkside
                        Of The Goon 2013."
                        This was a review I found on You Tube, and I think it's most accurate.
                        Overall, excellent musicians, masterpiece of a CD !!!!!
                        These guys know what the hell they are doing, can adapt to any style !
                        Remind me a little of BBQ Chickens, crazy grind/powerviolence
                        mixed with rock/metal.
                        Love this band !!!!!
                        I also highly recommend Powerxchuck !

                        01 Spin Cycle
                        02 Mixed Opinion
                        03 Kunt
                        04 Krafter
                        05 Smoke Weed, Drink Beer
                        06 Glut
                        07 God Biscuit
                        08 Russell Crowebar
                        09 I Want To Be Anthony Callea
                        10 In One Ear...
                        11 Night Of The Creeping Jesus
                        12 Alcoholocaust
                        13 Fat Manager Massacre
                        14 Joke Of Life