Monday, June 29, 2015

Born In Hell - Demo (2003) Remastered (Boston)

Ok, it's time for Remasters Series #3 !
Defunct Boston Hardcore band featuring Chris of Stop And Think, 
Mind Eraser, Shitfit and PAINKILLER Records fame. 
Don't know too much about this band, except that pretty
much all the members went on to other great Boston bands !
Early 2000's Boston was a prime time for new and blossoming
bands. The scene was unforgettable, and unfortunately you can't 
bring that time here to the present. If I had a time machine, haha,
well you could only imagine the shows i'd go back in time for :)
But all that aside, it's time to start off a new Remasters Series
that my friend Pat and I have been working on.
So, here is the first in a series of 5 posts.
I give you Born In Hell !!!!!

01 Ready To Kill
02 War Drums
03 Strung Out
04 Who'd Have Thunk
05 You're Nothing

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