Sunday, June 21, 2015

You Are The Problem - Live @ Rocket Bar, Palermo-Sicily 11-22-2014 (Italy)

                            Here's a great newer band from Palermo-Sicily, Italy !
                            Made up of members of Always Never Fun (ANF) and
                            other bands, these guys are what fastcore is all about !!!!!
                            My good friend Salvo sings for You Are The Problem,
                            as well as Always Never Fun. Salvo was also in the
                            band Elopram a few years back, also a great band (i'll
                            post some Elopram very soon !) !
                            You Are The Problem also features Dario from F.U.G.
                            on drums, Kevin from Always Never Fun on guitar, and
                            Tancredi from The Limit and Close To Collapse on bass.
                            Very promising new band, Demo should be coming soon
                            I believe !
                            These guys rip it up !!!!!
                            No track list yet.


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