Monday, June 29, 2015

The Warden - S-T 7'' (2015) St. Louis

                           Raging hardcore from the midwest !!!!!
                           I suspect I might know people in this band, but not sure yet,
                           as I haven't made contact with any members yet.
                           I know a few people in the St. Louis scene including guys
                           from Cardiac Arrest & Sweet Tooth.
                           I have a feeling this band might contain members of those bands,
                           but again, not sure.
                           I'll find out soon ! :)
                           Anyway, this 7'' absolutely destroys !!!!!
                           St. Louis scene has been blazing pretty hard since bands like The
                           Breaks and Cardiac Arrest came on to the scene.
                           Don't know much about the St. Louis scene before 2000 (although
                           i've been in the hardcore scene since the dawn of time), but I
                           do know the last 15 years St. Louis has built up a solid reputation
                           for great hardcore and a ruckus crowd !
                           I've known Rob from Cardiac Arrest since the early 2000's, and
                           he is one of the driving forces behind their epic scene !!!!!
                           I freakin' love St. Louis, those bands know what's up !!!!!
                           Anyhow, hope to have more info on The Warden real soon.
                           These guys just kill it !!!!! Fantastic ep !!!!!

                           01 Cell Bars
                           02 Private Property
                           03 Copping Out
                           04 Laughing Hammers
                           05 Student Exchange
                           06 Blinders
                           07 Uprooted and Rooted
                           08 Live Round