Sunday, June 21, 2015

Masterpeace - Destruction Imagination 7'' (2009) Japan

                           Next 3 posts are from Japan.
                           Don't know a whole lot about the Japanese scenes, but I do know
                           alot of great bands past and present are from Japan !
                           Japanese scenes definitely have some mystery to them. Releases are
                           very hard to find most of the time, and the labels are slightly
                           difficult to find and contact if you don't speak, read or write in Japanese.
                           I hear they welcome bands from all over with open arms, said
                           to be one of the best places in the world to Tour !
                           Anyway, I don't want to sound ignorant and unworldly, haha, but
                           I am :)
                           All I do know is that I love Japanese hardcore, and have quite a big
                           collection of great bands from there !
                           Masterpeace, although I don't know much about them, they definitely
                           represent the fast and crazy stylings of this grand and wonderful
                           country !

                           01 What's Your Right ? What's Your Fight ?
                           02 Destruction Imagination
                           03 Light And Shadow
                           04 The End's Beginning To Next World



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