Saturday, June 6, 2015

Absolut - Bloody Wars Discography cassette (2014) Toronto

                       This cassette was only available at the Not Dead Yet Festival
                       in Toronto November 2014.
                       It has the first demo and the Punk Survival MLP with one extra
                       track from the same MLP session.
                       Mix of Japanese and Swedish Raw/Punk/Noise, one of the best
                       bands in this genre !!!!!
                       Made up of members of Left For Dead and other great acts,
                       these guys are veterans.
                       Unfortunately the drummer Vassil Mester recently passed
                       away. Not sure the circumstances, but he was well known
                       and loved in the Toronto scene !
                       R.I.P. Vassil
                       This tape absolutely destroys !!!!!

                       01 No Single Tear
                       02 Dirty Grave
                       03 Insane Power
                       04 Martyr Fuck Off
                       05 No Card
                       06 Thieves In Law
                       07 Life Sketch
                       08 Black Void
                       09 Your Fraud
                       10 Lowest Common Denominator
                       11 No Limbs (Crucifix)
                       12 Tiring Planet
                       13 Neofucker
                       14 Fucking Pain
                       15 Loveless Noise
                       16 Untitled (unreleased)


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