Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Sprouts - Generation From Raw Sound System CD (2010) Japan

                          Again, I don't know much about these guys, but I do know
                          they put out a 20 song 7'' back on the mid or early 2000's that
                          was crazy, fast, noisy and just freakin' fantastic !!!!!
                          This came out in 2010. Still crazy as always, but less noisy
                          and slightly more poppy sounding.
                          These guys are nuts, I love it !!!!!

                          01 Noise From Nowhere
                          02 Enter The Raw Sound Brigade
                          03 Jukebox Killers
                          04 We're Not Brussels Sprouts
                          05 Faith of Fake
                          06 Forever Seventeen
                          07 Sick of Your Styles
                          08 Killer Tunes
                          09 Desktop Suicide
                          10 No Tomorrow
                          11 Crash and Kill The Avengers
                          12 Savage Eyes
                          13 Weekend Boys From Frustration
                          14 Railroad Jerk
                          15 M.B.F.C.
                          16 Going Home To Mary Lou
                          17 Wasted Youth
                          18 Wake Up (it's Not Dead Morning)
                          19 Disc Beat Surrender
                          20 Sticky Kids
                          21 Curse of Today


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