Wednesday, January 15, 2020

V.A. - City To Country Thrash Attack ! St. Louis (an oldschoolmike comp.)

                         Haven't done a compilation in a while.
                         Some guys in some bands from Holland (The Netherlands)
                         have been inspiring me to start going through old music files
                         to find some great fast hardcore bands from the past.
                         This one is dedicated to the St. Louis Hardcore scene from
                         the last 20 years.
                         Going to be doing more City To Country comps featuring bands
                         from cities and countries all over the world.
                         Most of these comps will represent the last 20 years of hardcore.
                         So get ready for some great stuff to come !!!!!
                         All hail St. Louis Hardcore !!!!!
                         Shout out to Rob Ruz !

                         01 Cardiac Arrest - Neverending Cycle
                         02 Kids On Fire - Name Dropper
                         03 Civic Progress - I'm No Fun
                         04 Q - Shqvel
                         05 The Breaks - Shaved Like an Asshole
                         06 Sweet Tooth - Wishing Well
                         07 The Masculine Journey - Crumble
                         08 Suburban Smash - Void
                         09 God Fodder - Shit, No Brakes
                         10 Resolve - Choice Of Words
                         11 The Warden - Private Property
                         12 Rüz - Stabbed In The Back
                         13 Sweet Tooth - Report Card
                         14 God Fodder - No Sleep
                         15 The Masculine Journey - Price On My Head
                         16 The Breaks - What's Up, Fraud-
                         17 Cardiac Arrest - Going Nowhere
                         18 Suburban Smash - Enough
                         19 Resolve - Before It's Too Late
                         20 Rüz - Bullshit Money
                         21 Q - N
                         22 Civic Progress - Uranium Miscarriage
                         23 The Warden - Uprooted And Rooted
                         24 Kids On Fire - Patchwork Politics


Friday, January 10, 2020

Conflict Resolution - American Internment 7'' (2009) Mesa, Arizona

                            Arizona thrash/hardcore from 2009.
                            They originally put out an Ep on Get Revenge Records back
                            in 2005. The EP is also on the CD Raw Aggression, which has
                            the first six releases from Get Revenge Records.
                            A bit more Thrash sound on this EP.
                            Somewhat like D.F.A., but not quite as fast.
                            Mostly underrated and unheard of, definitely good band !

                            01 American Internment (Fight Or Die)
                            02 State Of Union
                            03 Living A Lie
                            04 Fuck The Mouse
                            05 Memories Of Tomorrow (Suicidal Tendencies)


Thursday, January 9, 2020

B.Y.O.B. - S-T LP (1990) Groningen, Holland

                              Bring Your Own Beer !
                              Raging fast HC going back to 1990.
                              Always loved this LP, incredibly damn good !
                              I think Dan from Old Fast & Loud blog turned me on to
                              these guys in the early 2000's.
                              Definitely a classic LP !
                              This one is highly highly recommended !!!!!

                              01 Stark Raving Mad
                              02 The Fall
                              03 Massacre
                              04 Searching
                              05 In The Sand
                              06 Lust
                              07 BYOB
                              08 Painted Bird
                              09 Behind The Bushes
                              10 Slow Death

Black Fucking Eye - Demo (Australia)

                     Mystery Demo I found in my files.
                     Can't find any info or artwork for this band.
                     Not sure when it's from, but i'm assuming it's from the early 2000's.
                     Great Demo !
                     If anyone has any info on these guys, please send it my way !

                     01 Square Peg Round Hole
                     02 1! 2! 2 Slaps!!! ahahah!!!
                     03 Wrong From Right
                     04 Mob Mentality
                     05 Sick and Tired (Infest cover)


War Trauma - Demo 2012 (Eumundi, Australia)

                               Got this from bandcamp years ago, since then it disappeared.
                               Still have an active bandcamp, but the Demo not available anymore.
                               Really good and fast hardcore from Queensland region of Australia
                               near Brisbane.
                               Excellent Demo !!!!!

                               01 Dissolve
                               02 Rewind
                               03 Tied
                               04 Fed Up
                               05 Lost Cause


About To Snap - Already Dead EP (2009) Ontario, Canada

                               This one from 2009.
                               They only released the one 7'', and a Demo from 2005 which
                               I have as well.
                               This was recorded in 2005, and released in 2009.
                               Fast & furious HC from the great white north, ripping good EP !
                               Digging deep into my files to find more great bands most of us
                               forgot about.

                               01 Projects 2.0
                               02 Nationwide
                               03 Tank Runs Dry
                               04 Sacrifice Pawn
                               05 Dried Up
                               06 Major Threat
                               07 Demo Song 1-2
                               08 Collateral Damage
                               09 Hands Washed Clean

Say Goodbye - S-T CD (2004) Boston

                        Happy New Year to all !
                        Been a while since I heard these guys.
                        Inspired by some friends in Holland to dig up more of the late 90's
                        early 2000's killer raging fast hardcore, I thought of this band.
                        I'll be posting more great bands like Say Goodbye in the coming week,
                        so stay tuned !
                        Love this CD, had it in my collection since it was released.
                        They had a small West Coast Tour back in the early 2000's, but
                        I missed em unfortunately.
                        Say Goodbye features a couple guys that were in bands such as
                        Mind Eraser, Waste Management, Men's Interest, Obliteration,
                        Rampage, Rival Mob, and more.
                        Definitely grab this one, highly recommended !!!!!

                        01 The Chains
                        02 They Have Their Place
                        03 Natural Selection V2.0
                        04 Smoke Screen
                        05 Bastardized
                        06 Question Everything
                        07 Four More Years
                        08 Dime-a-Dozen
                        09 Now You've Made It!
                        10 You Make No Difference
                        11 Numb My Brain
                        12 Why Are You Here ?
                        13 I Hate Art
                        14 Spectacle