Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hysteria - S-T 7'' (2014) Clevland

                     Don't know much about this band except they're from the Cleveland
                     Another Raw blast band filled with distortion and reverb.
                     Very good stuff, I highly recommend it !!!!!
                     Not much to say at the moment, but lots more posts coming !

                     01 Disarm
                     02 Pigocracy
                     03 Hysteria
                     04 Human Supremacy
                     05 Vengeance At Last
                     06 Boredome
                     07 Void
                     08 Luxury


Friday, May 22, 2015

Chlorine - Rehearsal I (2015) Toronto

                            Honestly don't know anything about this band, except that they're
                            from Toronto, Canada, and I found them on Bandcamp :)
                            Excellent Raw/Hardcore/Noise sound !!!!!
                            I heard their Demo and I was hooked !!!!!
                            Another great new band that is pure hardcore, but in that
                            more Raw sense, yet still paying homage to classic distorted
                            bands of today (such as Nomad, Nekromantiker, ...).
                            Damn good stuff !!!

                            01 Creatures-Mutants
                            02 Dirt Nap
                            03 Retribution
                            04 Tiger's Smile
                            05 Buried Alive


Dick Fist - EP II (2015) uk

                         Alright, more posts !!!!!
                         Don't know alot about this band, but I do know they're good !
                         I also know they are from the UK, they released an EP last year,
                         and they are pissed ! :)
                         Hopefully we'll hear more from these guys soon !
                         Raging great stuff !!!!!

                         01 Part I- Tory Glory
                         02 Part II- I'm Being Radicalised, Deport Me
                         03 Part III- Nothing Left
                         04 Part IV- NOTA
                         05 Part V- The Machinations of David Cameron (Instrumental)


Friday, May 15, 2015

Concussive - Demo (2015) East Bay Area, Californnia

                            Extremely impressive new powerviolence band from Martinez/
                            Pittsburg area of East Bay !
                            When I first heard this Demo, I was totally blown away !
                            Classic West Coast powerviolence sound that can contend with
                            the very best bands you can name or think of in the pv world
                            past and present !
                            Ripping aggression and raw anger come out in a way that
                            that makes you yearn for more !
                            It always excites me to find bands that are this passionate
                            about what they do !
                            Most of their songs under 30 seconds, and that's the way it should
                            be ! :) When you can fully round out songs in that short of time,
                            and do it really well from start to finish, that's what powerviolence
                            is all about in my opinion !
                            Stellar Demo !!!!! I freakin' love it !!!!!
                            Concussive are definitely one of my favorite bands this year so
                            far in the pv genre !
                            I added their split with Bathtub Barracuda a couple of days ago,
                            I highly recommend you grab that one too !!!!!
                            Alright, finally heard back from these guys.
                            Here's the lowdown about Concussive.
                            They feature members of Epileptic Seizure, Malicious
                            Dismemberment, and Extreme Vulgarity.
                            Epileptic Seizure - Demo 2009
                            I edited the Epileptic Seizure - Demo a few years back, i'll post
                            that soon !
                            I'm reposting the Concussive - Demo with re-edit and track titles,
                            so download it again my friends !!!!!
                            And again, they totally rule !!!!! :)

                            01 Zest Quest
                            02 Composite
                            03 Human Error
                            04 Power Cycle
                            05 Foresight
                            06 Subsist
                            07 Insensible
                            08 Captious
                            09 Timeless

                                                       Reposted 6/7/2017


Krömosom + Nomad - Split 7'' (2015) Australia-New York

                            Alright, I think most people are waiting for this one !
                            Krömosom side was posted last year I think on bandcamp or
                            something like that if I remember correctly.
                            Got from my good bud in Canada who sings for Koszmar.
                            This is a killer for sure ! Ripping raw/noisey hardcore that
                            sounds like it could have come from Scandanavia from the mid
                            80's :)
                            Love that distorted raw sound! Alot of bands are adopting that
                            sound these days, but some do it better than others.
                            Nomad being one of my favorite of the newer front of worldwide
                            Raw/Noise bands !
                            Another of my favorite features my good friend Andre on vocals,
                            Nekromantiker from Holland. He also plays bass for the almighty
                            Tense Reaction who are straight out HC/Fastcore, one of the best !!!!!
                            Krömosom definitely on the list of great ones as well ! They feature
                            members of Pisschrist, who were also epic !
                            Anyhow, this split is a barnburner ! Great hardcore filled with much
                            distortion and rage, I definitely recommend it !!!!!
                            Sound boosted and equalized for your listening pleasure ! :)

                            01 Krömosom - The Future
                            02 Krömosom - Vicious Cycle
                            03 Krömosom - Apathy
                            04 Nomad - 解決 (Resolution)
                            05 Nomad - 刀 (Sword)
                            06 Nomad - 問題 (Problem)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

xBrainiax/The Lettuce Vultures - split 7'' (2011) Michigan/Cleveland

                                             Alright, last post of the night, or morning :)
This is the very last release by the almighty xBrainiax out
of Michigan. Was damn sorry to see this band call it a day,
but nothing lasts forever, especially in the hardcore world :)
They were actually set to release a few more splits, but those
will probably never come to fruition unfortunately.
Anyhow, this is their last 4 songs recorded, and of course
they totally rip !!!!!
The Lettuce Vultures have been around for a while as well.
Although a lesser known band, they have a split with
Agathocles amongst their numerous releases.
xBrainiax also had members in Merciless Game if I
remember correctly. Merciless Game were more on the
Raw/Noise side. They appeared on comps with The
Wankys and such. They had a few releases also.
Ok, time to call it a night ! 
Rage the xBrainiax, and keep a fire burning in their memory !

01 xBrainiax - xBrainiax Hates You
02 xBrainiax - Villains
03 xBrainiax - Recluse Blues
 04 xBrainiax - Keep Praying
 05 The Lettuce Vultures - Cripple Me With Cake
06 The Lettuce Vultures - Walking On Sunshine
 07 The Lettuce Vultures - Your Unbuttoned Shirt

Concussive/Bathtub Barracuda - split cassette (2015) Bay Area, California

                        These newer bands hail from East Bay area in northern California.
                        Concussive is straight & to the point powerviolence, damn impressive
                        new band !!!!!
                        Pure west coast pv sound that rivals some of the best !
                        Bathtub Barracuda is more on the grind side, very fun stuff ! :)
                        As i'm more in the powerviolent arena, Concussive would definitely
                        be more my cup of tea ! :)
                        But both bands are great for sure !
                        You will hear alot of what i'm posting now this Saturday on my
                        radio show, Broken Sound Barrier.
                        Tune in from 6-8pm west coast time, east coast 9-11pm, and
                        worldwide adjust for your time zone.
                        I'll be posting the Concussive - Demo real soon, so keep an eye
                        out for that, the Demo is insanely good !!!!!

                        01 Concussive - Aimless
                        02 Concussive - Beat
                        03 Concussive - Hidden Lines
                        04 Concussive - Meticulous
                        05 Concussive -  Priviledged
                        06 Concussive - Hit The Breaks
                        07 Concussive - Sated
                        08 Bathtub Barracuda - Trematode Infestation
                        09 Bathtub Barracuda - These are Da' Feels of A'thousand Electric Eels
                        10 Bathtub Barracuda - Manic Mantis Shrimp
                        11 Bathtub Barracuda - Any Port in a Storm
                        12 Bathtub Barracuda - Cutthroat Cuttlefish
                        13 Bathtub Barracuda - Coral Inscribed by Slaves ...


Troglodytes - Avoid/Survive cassette (2015) UK

                         This project comes from ye olde UK.
                         Umberto, who was previously in Cthulhu Youth and Sesso Violento,
                         brings us the raw and disturbingly great sounds of the newest ensemble,
                         Not sure if this is a 1 man project, which Sesso Violento I beleive is,
                         need to contact Umberto for more info.
                         But Troglodytes definitely reigns out of the same raw and distorted
                         This tape takes you to depths of pure unadulterated rapture, which
                         is where you want to be ! :)
                         A definite must !!!!!
                         01 Out For A Thrill
                         02 Maladjusted
                         03 Avoid/Survive
                         04 Distorted Ways
                         05 Burn With Water
                         06 Womb/Tomb
                         07 The Herd
                         08 Nothing Returns
                         09 Bound To Follow
                         10 Through Abuse



Creeping Dose - Filth Is Power 7'' (2015) New York

                         Elements of European hardcore, raw punk, and even, as the band
                         describes it, "dark pogo". You can list as many influences as you
                         want that you hear in this sound, but all-in-all, this is just great hardcore
                         punk from one of NYC's best new bands !
                         Description is from icoulddietomorrow blog.
                         I agree with what they wrote about Creeping Dose, as I don't know too
                         much about these guys personally.
                         I do have their Demos & New York's Alright cassette which are fantastic,
                         but the 7'' is brand new and continues their distorted and crazed
                         journey into beautiful madness !
                         01 C.H.U.D.S. Clones
                         02 Shit Scheme
                         03 Death Control
                         04 Drunken Fucken City Life
                         05 Putrid Mind


Pillage - S-T ep (2015) Chicago

                         Members of Punch In The Face, Los Crudos, HERDS,
                         Sick/Tired, Divine Right, and a bunch of other bands, drop a 7"
                         full of mean hardcore/powerviolence that pays homage to all of the
                         greats like Infest, Crossed Out, Siege and Negative Approach.
                         Ok, hahaha, I copied and pasted that description, cause i'm just
                         that damn tired ! :)
                         Ebro from Punch In The Face fronts this epic epic project that
                         deserves high recognition !
                         These guys are the poster boys of what great hardcore is all about !
                         Absolutely killer band !!!!!
                         I recommend their Demo from 2013 as well, a definite masterpiece !
                         Again, big big thanks to Offside Alex for posting this one !

                         01 Lash Out
                         02 Delusional
                         03 Cycle Of Hare
                         04 Alpha
                         05 Dialogue
                         06 Law
                         07 Another Death
                         08 Breakout


Public Assault - No Way Out 7'' (2015) Indiana

                               Theses dudes are from northwest Indiana, with members of
                               Menanites, and Zap.
                               Recorded by the infamous Mark Winters, who has been in
                               many many bands in the past and present including Guinea Kid
                               The Coneheads, Pukeoid, Ooze and The Outs to name a few.
                               Public Assault just freakin' rule, no doubt about it !
                               With an 80's sound comparable to such scenes as D.C., Boston,
                               and Michigan, these guys could easily have fit into the early
                               days of Hardcore !
                               Big thanks to Offside Alex for posting this 7'' on You Tube !!!!!
                               One of the best bands in my opinion doing 80's style HC !!!!!
                               Still looking for their Demo CD-r from 2011, hopefully i'll
                               come across that one soon !

                               01 No Way Out
                               02 Change
                               03 Worsen
                               04 Preacher
                               05 Way Of The World


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bed Bugs - Demo (2014) Mentone, California

Well, it's been a while, but i'm back ! I know i've said it before
and not posted much after, but this time i'm making good on
that statement ! :) Notice that I didn't use the word promise,
haha, so i'm gonna try my hardest to live up to my words !
Another note before I speak of the band i'm posting, it seems
that most all Hardcore blogs these days are slowing down
to snails pace. Kinda strange, but I can't complain, i've been
a snail for a while now as well :) 
Anyhow, on to the music ! 
This band hails from Mentone California, which is sometimes 
referred to as Mentone Beach, but it's in the SoCal desert and
is described as an oceanless beach, so there must be a pun
in there somewhere. I guess you need to be from there to
get the joke :)
But Bed Bugs are definitely no joke, they are the true article !
Hardcore at it's best, with infuences of 80's HC/Raw/& Noise.
I found this one on Cola De Rata blog as 1 track.
Ripping good Demo !!!!!

01 Intro - Disease
02 Everyday
03 Numb
04 Stare
05 Fight Back