Friday, May 15, 2015

Krömosom + Nomad - Split 7'' (2015) Australia-New York

                            Alright, I think most people are waiting for this one !
                            Krömosom side was posted last year I think on bandcamp or
                            something like that if I remember correctly.
                            Got from my good bud in Canada who sings for Koszmar.
                            This is a killer for sure ! Ripping raw/noisey hardcore that
                            sounds like it could have come from Scandanavia from the mid
                            80's :)
                            Love that distorted raw sound! Alot of bands are adopting that
                            sound these days, but some do it better than others.
                            Nomad being one of my favorite of the newer front of worldwide
                            Raw/Noise bands !
                            Another of my favorite features my good friend Andre on vocals,
                            Nekromantiker from Holland. He also plays bass for the almighty
                            Tense Reaction who are straight out HC/Fastcore, one of the best !!!!!
                            Krömosom definitely on the list of great ones as well ! They feature
                            members of Pisschrist, who were also epic !
                            Anyhow, this split is a barnburner ! Great hardcore filled with much
                            distortion and rage, I definitely recommend it !!!!!
                            Sound boosted and equalized for your listening pleasure ! :)

                            01 Krömosom - The Future
                            02 Krömosom - Vicious Cycle
                            03 Krömosom - Apathy
                            04 Nomad - 解決 (Resolution)
                            05 Nomad - 刀 (Sword)
                            06 Nomad - 問題 (Problem)


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