Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pillage - S-T ep (2015) Chicago

                         Members of Punch In The Face, Los Crudos, HERDS,
                         Sick/Tired, Divine Right, and a bunch of other bands, drop a 7"
                         full of mean hardcore/powerviolence that pays homage to all of the
                         greats like Infest, Crossed Out, Siege and Negative Approach.
                         Ok, hahaha, I copied and pasted that description, cause i'm just
                         that damn tired ! :)
                         Ebro from Punch In The Face fronts this epic epic project that
                         deserves high recognition !
                         These guys are the poster boys of what great hardcore is all about !
                         Absolutely killer band !!!!!
                         I recommend their Demo from 2013 as well, a definite masterpiece !
                         Again, big big thanks to Offside Alex for posting this one !

                         01 Lash Out
                         02 Delusional
                         03 Cycle Of Hare
                         04 Alpha
                         05 Dialogue
                         06 Law
                         07 Another Death
                         08 Breakout



  1. thx for this so i don't have to rip it myself haha.

    1. haha, no problem Brother ! Thanks to Offside Alex I was able to edit that one.


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