Thursday, May 14, 2015

Troglodytes - Avoid/Survive cassette (2015) UK

                         This project comes from ye olde UK.
                         Umberto, who was previously in Cthulhu Youth and Sesso Violento,
                         brings us the raw and disturbingly great sounds of the newest ensemble,
                         Not sure if this is a 1 man project, which Sesso Violento I beleive is,
                         need to contact Umberto for more info.
                         But Troglodytes definitely reigns out of the same raw and distorted
                         This tape takes you to depths of pure unadulterated rapture, which
                         is where you want to be ! :)
                         A definite must !!!!!
                         01 Out For A Thrill
                         02 Maladjusted
                         03 Avoid/Survive
                         04 Distorted Ways
                         05 Burn With Water
                         06 Womb/Tomb
                         07 The Herd
                         08 Nothing Returns
                         09 Bound To Follow
                         10 Through Abuse




  1. It's definitely more than one person, Troglodytes has member(s) of Cease To Exist, but I don't know who.

    1. Ah, ok, yeah, I need to e-mail Diego for more info. He told me he was starting Troglodytes a little while back. I think Sesso Violento was just him.