Monday, June 25, 2012

D.F.C. - The Ten Tear Plan Tape 1993-2003 (2005) Brazil

Ok, HELL YES, here we go ! This link was sent to me by my
good friend Mr. Allan Fastcore, who runs the great Sonidos
This download came as 2 tracks (Side A & Side B), and was
posted by another awesome blog, This Is Kawaii Not Hawaii
comes from 2005, and was put out by a small Czech label
called Ragedis Records. So happy this was posted, I fucking love
D.F.C. ! One of my favorite Brazilian bands of all time !!!!!
A raw mixture of hardcore/fastcore/crossover/metal/and punk,
D.F.C. has been one of the best explosive Brazil bands since the
early 90's ! Many other bands have been influenced by D.F.C.,
definitely one of the best !!!!! There is one more rare D.F.C.
tape i'm looking for also, called The Evil That Comes To Worst
Songs + 7 (2007), also from the Czech Republic (I believe on
Ragedis Records). If anyone has a rip of that tape or knows
someone with that tape, let me know ! I need that one !
Anyway, I talk way too much :) So here you go, the almighty
D.F.C. !!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

V.A. - A Fucking Tribute To Slap-A-Ham (2010) Germany

                                   My good bud Mr. Allan Fastcore from Sonidos Rabiosos
                                   blog sent me the link for this comp on Fucking Kill Records.
                                   Released in 2010, this a a German tribute to the infamous
                                   Slap-A-Ham Records, one of the great labels that started
                                   and fueled the early grindcore/powerviolence scene. The
                                   historic label hosted such trailblazers as Infest, Crossed Out,
                                   Capitalist Casualties, No Comment, and more ! This German
                                   tribute contains some of the newer wave of German power-
                                   violence bands. This download came as 24 tracks, and an
                                   improper tracklist. Thanks to Discogs, I found the right
                                   tracklist and split tracks correctly. This one is a rager,
                                   so hold on to your hat !!!!!

                                 01 Burt - Alles Wird Gut
                                 02 Burt - Fallrohr
                                 03 Burt - Keine Ahnung
                                 04 Corrosive - Augenarsch
                                 05 Corrosive - Krankes Tier Mensch Ohne Intro
                                 06 Wojczech - Macht Der Besehlten
                                 07 Eiltank - Inferno
                                 08 Eiltank - Fragments Of Glowing Glass
                                 09 Run Time Error - Routine
                                 10 Run Time Error - Peitschenheib
                                 11 Yacopsae - Slap-A-Ham Pogo
                                 12 Yacopsae - Scum (Napalm Death)
                                 13 Crowskin - Supremacy (Crossed Out)
                                 14 Cyness - Grindcorehell
                                 15 Verge On Reason - Fange Dummes Potential
                                 16 Verge On Reason -Paragraph I - Kurze Songs Sind Unantastabar
                                 17 Verge On Reason - Medien Bastard
                                 18 Verge On Reason - Selbst Als Witz, Bleibt Es Einfach Nur Dumm
                                 19 La Bad Taste - Slap-A-Ham
                                 20 La Bad Taste - Sparschlampe
                                 21 La Bad Taste - One Way Hamster
                                 22 La Bad Taste - Fuck Yourself Emo
                                 23 La Bad Taste - Konsumbrot
                                 24 Bizarre X - Slowly We Rot
                                 25 Bizarre X - Keine Zeit Fur Depresion
                                 26 Nervous Breakdown - Frau Schols
                                 27 Nervous Breakdown - The Guilty One
                                 28 Trigger - Grunde
                                 29 Trigger - Menschlichkeit
                                 30 Trigger - Zum Um Zug
                                 31 Trigger - Lauf Schon Val Vor
                                 32 Civil Victim - Listen
                                 33 Civil Victim - Let There Be Brains
                                 34 Civil Victim - Die and Complain
                                 35 Sanity's Dawn - Liar-Traitor-Deciever
                                 36 Henry Fonda - Manipulation
                                 37 Henry Fonda - Vegan Meatpie aka Szenebrei
                                 38 Henry Fonda - Scenester Slaying Trash Muties
                                 39 Henry Fonda - Ich Hasse Den Pizzamann
                                 40 Henry Fonda - Mc Doof
                                 41 Ksm40 - Improvement
                                 42 Ksm40 - Zwei Striche
                                 43 Ksm40 - Koprophagen
                                 44 Ksm40 - Im Fadenkreuz
                                 45 Schmand - Temporary Annihilation
                                 46 Schmand - A Music War


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Omegas - Joyboy Mixtape Vol. 1 (2010) Canada (Repost)

                                           Originally posted August 18th, 2011

                             The first 2 Mixtapes were posted in August of 2011, and
                              due to Mediafire going through some changes, some links
                              on this blog no longer work. So, if you go to download
                              something and the link is dead, let me know, and i'll repost.

                               I found this on Fasionable Activism blog as 2 tracks,
                              Side A & Side B. Fortunately there was a track list included.
                              Unfortunately, whoever ripped the tape either ripped it poorly,
                              or had a damaged copy of the tape. Damaged missing tracks:
                              15 Urban Blight - Milk Shake Head Ache 16 Foreign Bodies -
                              Downtown Fun 17 Omegas - Street Meat (Spoiler Sings).
                              Track list included in the download with more info. If anyone
                               has a copy of this tape that's not damaged, contact me here.


Omegas - Joyboy Mixtape Vol. 2 (2011) Canada (Repost)

                                   Originally posted August 18th, 2011

One of my friends on the music program i'm on sent me this tape a few weeks ago as 2 tracks, again Side A & Side B. He requested that I split the second tape as well, so I did. Whoever ripped this tape ripped it correctly, so no problems editing this bad boy ! No art included, could not find cover for this tape. Track list and info included in download.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Omegas - Joyboy Mixtape Vol. 3 (2012) Canada

                                     Ok, here we go, another new installment to the first two
                                     mixtapes. Was happy when my friend Szuk told me he had
                                     the new Omegas mixtape he aquired at the Chaos In Tejas
                                     Fest. Then happiness turned to confusion as I split the tracks
                                     to MP3's on this one :) If anyone remembers, I split the first
                                     two mixtapes, which are available on this blog for download.
                                     There is alot of intro and soundbyte type of craziness on
                                     this new tape in between songs, so in the spirit of craziness,
                                     I named each one :) As far as splitting this tape, took me a
                                     while because it was hard to figure out where Crazy Spirit,
                                     Fun-e Boyz, and Bazuka are, because they appear on the
                                     tracklist, but don't think they are actually on the tape, unless
                                     they did one of the soundbyte type of songs towards the
                                     end of Side A. And on Side B, there is a band on there
                                     that's not listed, my friends from Vancouver, Systematik.
                                     Anyway, this is a very roughly recorded tape. The sound
                                     quality is not great, but I raised and equalized the volume,
                                     so it sounds definitely a bit better. If anyone has a better
                                     quality rip, contact me on the blog here. Anyhow, wacky,
                                     fun and disturbing as always, here is Joyboy Vol. 3 !

                                                  01 Choom Gang - Bombaclat
                                                  02 Discriminators - Rat Woman
                                                  03 Woo Rick Woo Flair Woo
                                                  04 Free Spirit - Casting Down
                                                  05 Kremlin - Anti Septic
                                                  06 Bill O'Reilly, Get Off The Air !
                                                  07 Altered Boys - Reality Check
                                                  08 The Pack - Trapped
                                                  09 S.H.I.T. - Human Kindness
                                                  10 Osama Bin Laudin Raps As A Child
                                                  11 Powertrip - Hammer Of Doubt
                                                  12 Vacant State - No!
                                                  13 Cult Lab Experiment
                                                  14 The Bill O'Reilly Sucks Jam
                                                  15 Neo Cons - High Anxiety
                                                  16 Duress - Blow Up The Embassy
                                                  17 Nintendo Reject Band
                                                  18 Wasteoids - Hoop Dreams
                                                  19 Gluebag - I'm Not Right
                                                  20 Two Dollars Forty
                                                  21 What
                                22 Candy Randy & The Gay Boys - (i'll have the) Gay Boy
                                                  23 Creem - Think Twice
                                                  24 Reckless Aggression - Broken Glass
                                                  25 Token Boogie
                                                  26 Word On The Street - Cut To The Chase
                                                  27 Heavy Metal Eric - Hey It's Ryan
                                                  28 Waste Mamagement - Agitated
                                                  29 Cardiac Arrest - Abnormal Times
                                                  30 C.H.U.M.P.S. - Oh
                                 31 Zac Johnson & The Yankee Entertainer - I Lost My Gal
                                                  32 Naughty Girls - City Counsellors
                                                  33 Peacebreakers - Elite Crew
                                                  34 Harhaa - State Love Violence
                                 35 Bill O'Reilly, Biggest Douche In The Universe Winner 2012    
                                                  36 Warthog - Top Shelf
                                                  37 Zero Progress - The Void
                                                  38 Systematik - Another Nightmare
                                                  39 Slap Yo Mammy Fo A Dolla
                                                  40 Dipers - Bodega Justice
                                                  41 Interview With A Tran-pire


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stalag 13 - Demo Tape (1983) Oxnard


                                   Here is the whole Stalag 13 - Demo in it's entirety ! This tape is
                                   very rare, from 83', if you actually own a copy, you're a lucky
                                   dog ! Some of the songs from the tape were later released by a
                                   dude from Switzerland, which is the infamous Bootboy 7''.
                                   I recieved this through my network of friends, my underground
                                   connections. Herve, from Violation Blog put up on his bandcamp,
                                   but songs are incomplete. This bandcamp is a total waste of time !
                                   He puts up totally rare stuff, but just fragmented songs of rare
                                   U.S. demos and early releases. Might as well keep these
                                   recordings to yourself, instead of teasing people ! Violation
                                   Blog and bandcamp have become a joke to me and many others
                                   who are dedicated to old school US hardcore. If any of you know
                                   me, you know that I am true old school. I started in the L.A. HC
                                   scene in 79', and i'm still diehard hardcore today ! I was friends
                                   with Stalag 13 since they started, still see those dudes at shows
                                   from time to time. Saw em at their 2004 Reunion with Ron on
                                   vocals, who came out from Australia to do a Mini-Tour with
                                   Stalag. Now it's 2012, and time for another reunion !
                                   They will be playing June 22 & 23rd in California, at the
                                   Gnarmageddon Fest with Negative Approach. Ron is back
                                   again, he will be on vocals, it's gonna be freakin' awesome !
                                   Also, this is Negative Approach's last Tour, so if you live in
                                   SoCal or in the Bay Area, make sure to catch em ! I don't
                                   normally put up stuff this rare, but it's been floating around
                                   for quite a while now, and some of the rips sound terrible. So,
                                   I  thought if people are gonna pass it around, might as well
                                   pass around a decent rip. So, here you go, the real 83' Demo !
                                   Play loud, and start a pit !!!!!

                                                        01 It's Not The Same
                                                        02 In Control
                                                        03 Assassin Squad
                                                        04 Selfish
                                                        05 Standing United
                                                        06 Don't Call
                                                        07 Skateboards
                                                        08 I Don't Need It
                                                        09 Black Stick & Silver Badge
                                                        10 Statistic
                                                        11 Antisemetic
                                                        12 P.T.A.
                                                        13 Can't Take Much More
                                                        14 Stepping Stone (The Monkeys)
                                                        15 Make A Change
                                                        16 Sick & Tired