Wednesday, September 27, 2017

F.Z.Ö - Välkommen Till Circusen (Demo) (1990) Sweden

                           Totally obscure one to me !
                           My good bud Mistah (from the OC) sent me a request to look for
                           this old one.
                           Took me a few to find it, but as soon as I added umlauts, it appeared :)
                           Ripping good aggressive HC, with a little bit of melodic sing along !
                           Mistah always sends me obscure requests, that dude totally knows what's
                           up !
                           Always gotta give mad respect to the younger generation who know half as
                           much as I do, and send requests that no kids today have a clue about !
                           Mistah sent me a couple more that I still need to edit, which i'll put up
                           ASAP !
                           Much love and respect to my good friend !


Saturday, September 9, 2017

My radio show Broken Sound Barrier is back on Core Of Destruction Radio !

                            Well i'm back folks !!!!!
                            Been a year and a half since I did my final show on Core Of
                            Destruction Radio, which was sad, cause the station went offline
                            for a while.
                            Website was still there, but the radio part was gone.
                            Huge thanks to Jerry "Lizardmessiah" Woods for keeping the station
                            going all these years, and for coming up with a way to revive the radio
                            waves of C.O.D. !
                            He's the man, without him there would be no Core Of Destruction !
                            Also big thanks to Scott from Jethro Skull for fixing my show banner !
                            Want to give a shout out to Frank Mendez (photographer at most of the
                             L.A. PV/Grind/HC gigs), who asked me to mention the Benefit Show
                             tonight at 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles.
                             Benefit is for Jorge Castillo, one of the original members of Brujeria,
                             who is fighting cancer right now.
                             Please come out and support Jorge and the scene tonight, is an important
                             and much needed cause !!!!!
                             Too many great musicians are dying too young, please support the fight
                             against cancer !

                             Show is up for download now !
                             Had to upload the show in 2 parts, so everyone could grab it.
                             First show back, enjoy !
                             Thank you to all the people that support Core Of Destruction Radio,
                             and the worldwide Punk/Hardcore scenes !
                             You are the reason we keep the spirit of Hardcore alive !!!!!

                             Broken Sound Barrier 9-8-2017 (Part 1)

                             Broken Sound Barrier 9-8-2017 (Part 2)

                             Peace, Love & tune in Friday nights, 5-7pm Los Angeles time,
                             for Broken Sound Barrier !!!!!